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Pokémon X and Y Legendary Pokémon Types Announced, More New Pokémon Revealed

by on July 13, 2013

The Pokémon Company released more news, official art, a gameplay trailer and screenshots from the upcoming Pokémon X and Y video games.

Legendary Pokémon Xerneas, who is featured on the cover of  Pokémon X, is a Fairy-type Pokémon. Xerneas has an exclusive move called Geomancy, which features rainbow-colored light that erupts from the ground around it. It also has the special ability, Fairy Aura, which naturally takes effect during battle and strengthens Fairy-type moves for all Pokémon currently in battle. It will also have a positive effect on opponents that know Fairy-type moves.

Legendary Pokémon Yveltal, will be on the cover of Pokémon Y and is a Dark- and Flying-type Pokémon. It will be able to learn Oblivion Wing, which allows Yveltal to release a powerful beam of red light from the sky and then scorch the ground. Dark Aura is the counterpoint to Fairy Aura and raises the strength of Dark-type moves for Pokémon currently in battle. This ability is effective in double and triple battles, when facing multiple opponents at the same time.

Other announced Pokémon include:

  • Pangoro evolves from Pancham and is a Fighting- and Dark-type. Pangoro carries a leaf in its mouth that can predict its opponents’ moves. It can use Hammer Arm to damage opponents. While the move lowers the user’s speed, the Hammer Arm’s power is said to be tremendous.
  • Inkay is a Dark- and Psychic-type Pokémon that has the ability to drain other Pokémon’s will to fight by flashing the transmitters above its eyes. This gives Inkay the chance either to attack its foes or to hide from them. Inkay can learn the Dark-type move, Topsy-Turvy, which reverses stat changes that are affecting the target.
  • Malamar is the evolved form of Inkay and is said to possibly have the strongest hypnotic force of any known Pokémon. Humans with poor intentions may try to use them to aid in their evil plots. Malamar can use the Psychic-type move Hypnosis, which leaves opponents asleep.
  • Swirlix can only be captured in Pokémon X. The Fairy-type Pokémon comes with the ability, Sweet Veil, which prevents Pokémon on the same team from being left asleep during battle. Swirlix can learn the Fairy-type move, Draining Kiss, which does damage to the target while restoring some HP to the user.
  • Spritzee is a Fairy-type Pokémon that is only available in Pokémon Y. It emits a fragrance that may cause anyone who smells it to fall under its spell. Spritzee can learn the Grass-type move Aromatherapy, which heals allies’ status conditions, such as sleep and poison.
  • It has been revealed that previously announced Pokémon, Clauncher may only be captured in Pokémon X while Poison- and Water-type Pokémon Skrelp may only be captured in Pokémon Y.

Players will meet new characters in the Kalos Region. Professor Augustine Sycamore will entrust you and your friends with Pokémon and the quest to fill your Pokédex. Those playing will also encounter Team Flare, a strange and fashionable group. Two new Gym Leaders were announced. Grant is a Gym Leader who excels at bike racing, mountain climbing, and many other sports. Clemont, who is accompanied by his sister, Bonnie, is a young Gym Leader who loves science.

The new game feature, O-Powers, will allow players to easily power up their Pokémon. They can be shared between players via the Player Search System (PSS). Players will be able to share O-Powers with those they’ve connected with locally or through the internet. Sharing is accomplished by tapping a player on the touch screen. Some O-Powers may temporarily increase a Pokémon’s stats, while others might make it easier to catch wild Pokémon or increase experience points gained in battle.

Wonder Trade will allow players to trade a Pokémon for one offered by someone else in the world, but without knowing which one they’ll get in return.

Pokémon X and Y will launch worldwide on October 12, 2013 to the Nintendo 3DS  and retail for $39.99. For more information on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y,  visit pokemon.com/xy, Like the official Pokémon Facebook page at Facebook.com/Pokemon, and follow Pokémon on Twitter @Pokemon.

Official Pokémon X and Y Art:

Official Pokémon X and Y Screenshots:

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