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Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Mega Evolution, Super Training, New Pokémon and Trainers Announced

by on August 9, 2013

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y Mega Evolutions

The Pokémon Company announced the inclusion of a new type of evolution in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y called the Mega Evolution. This new transformation type will be available for certain Pokémon during battle. Announced Mega Evolved Pokémon include Mega Mewtwo and Mega Lucario. Some Pokémon that Mega Evolve may change their Ability or type while in battle.

The Mega Stone will allow Mega Evolution to take place and one exists for each Pokémon that can Mega Evolve.  Each stone is named for its corresponding Pokémon and all are hidden throughout the Kalos region. One Mega Stone mentioned in today’s announcement was Lucarionite.

Blazikenite, one of the Mega Stones, will not be found during normal game play. Players of  Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will have to participate in a limited-time Wi-Fi distribution event via the Nintendo Network to get a Torchic holding a Blazikenite Mega Stone. This Torchic will come with the Hidden Ability, Speed Boost. The character distribution begins on October 12, 2013 and will last for a short period of time. Torchic will need to be evolved into Combusken and then Blaziken in order to harness the Blazikenite Mega Stone.

Super Training (S.T.) is being introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon  Y. This will allow players to help their Pokémon grow stronger when not in battle. Pokémon will be able to participate in Super Training activities that increase base stats. One of the announced Super Training activities involves having your Pokémon train by facing large Pokémon-shaped Balloon Bots in a virtual space with both sides trying to shoot balls into the opponent’s goal.

Core training will also allow players to strengthen their Pokémon’s base stats. They’ll be able to set up training bags for their Pokémon to use. These training bags are earned by completing Super Training regimens. Players will be able to help their Pokémon increase their base stats by tapping on the touch screen. The Super Training screen will allow players to see how their Pokémon are doing at their Core Training.

New Pokémon Announced:

Dedenne is an Electric- and Fairy-type Pokémon. It can communicate with far-off allies by emitting radio waves from its antenna-shaped whiskers. Its tail can be plugged into outlets to drain electricity from them. Its ability, Cheek Pouch, will allow  it to regain HP if it also eats a Berry. Nuzzle, an Electric-type move, allows Dedenne to paralyze opponents.

Bunnelby is a Normal-type Pokémon that creates its den by using large, shovel-shaped ears to dig in the ground. These ears can chop through thick tree trunks. Bunnelby can use the Ground-type move, Dig, to help avoid its ally’s attacks in Double Battles and then attack on the next turn.

Skiddo is a Grass-type Pokémon which evolves into Gogoat. Skiddo lives alongside humans and doesn’t mind carrying people or supplies on its back. It can read the feelings of its riders through their grip on its horns. Skiddo can learn the Grass-type move, Leaf Blade, which allows it to wield a sharp leaf like a sword.

New Gym Leaders Announced:

Korrina is the Gym Leader of Shalour City. Shalour City is as seaside town and the home to the Tower of Mastery. According to today’s announcement, Korrina may hold the key to Mega Evolution.

Pokémon X and Y will launch worldwide on October 12, 2013 to the Nintendo 3DS  and retail for $39.99. For more information on Pokémon X and Pokémon Y,  visit pokemon.com/xy, Like the official Pokémon Facebook page at Facebook.com/Pokemon, and follow Pokémon on Twitter @Pokemon.

Official Pokémon X and Y Art:

Official Pokémon X and Y Screenshots:

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