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Persona 5 Anime In The Works For 2018

by on July 31, 2017

Could one of the year’s most critically acclaimed video games be spreading to other media? Atlus’s Persona 5 is one of the breakout hits of 2017, and next year it will expand into its own anime series. Will it be released here?

The hit game (for Playstation consoles) sported some animation of its own in cutscenes by Production IG, but A-1 Pictures will be handling the motion work this time. A-1 has previously created anime for other Persona games, including a prologue special for Persona 5 which aired last September in Japan.

Presumably the anime will follow the plot of the game, but details are scant at this early date. We do have a full cast list, and it includes the voice of Pikachu as Morgana…

  • Protagonist (voiced by Jun Fukuyama)
  • Ann Takamaki (voiced by Nana Mizuki)
  • Ryuuji Sakamoto (voiced by Mamoru Miyano)
  • Morgana (voiced by Ikue Otani)
  • Yusuke Kitagawa (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita)
  • Makoto Niijima (voiced by Rina Sato)
  • Futaba Sakura (voiced by Aoi Yuki)
  • Haru Okumura (voiced by Haruka Tomatsu)
  • Goro Akechi (voiced by Soichiro Hoshi)

Persona 5: The Animation is due out in Japan sometime in 2018. There is no announcement yet of an English translation or dub. If that happens, we’ll pass on the word. In the meantime, here’s the announcement trailer….

Persona 5 the Animation – Teaser Trailer by gematsu
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