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Persona 4: The Animation – “Real me Doesn’t Exist” Episode 10 Recap

by on December 8, 2011

“The pop star Rise has been kidnapped and cast into the TV world. Yu and the gang track her scent to a shadow version of a strip club. The group soon realizes that she isn’t not the only one dealing with an inner-conflict this time.”

After seeing Rise’s shadow on the Midnight Channel, Yu and the gang decide to wait until morning to go rescue her. Once they arrive inside the TV world, they learn that Teddie has been depressed as he doesn’t know who he truly is and because the group has not visited him since their last rescue operation. After cheering Teddie up, they follow Rise’s scent to a shadow version of a strip club.  Rise’s shadow greets them all and sends Shadow Cop Bears after them while she tortures Rise about her inner feelings. The shadows almost overpower the group when Kanji summons his Persona, which wipes out all of the shadows with its brute strength. The group then confronts Rise’s shadow, who transforms into a technicolor monster with a fractal mirror as a face. Yu, Yosuke, and Kanji attack Rise’s shadow with their Persona while Chie and Yukiko get Rise away from the area. But, things turn dire when Rise’s shadow shows that it has the power to scan all Persona and assess their weaknesses. The entire group falls to the floor and struggles to fight back.  

Teddie watches his friends fall and tries to think of a way to help. He begins to charge up a massive amount of energy and uses it to destroy Rise’s Shadow with a single blow. Rise thanks Teddie and everybody else and begins to accept her shadow. She tells her shadow that there is no real her and that they are one of the same deep down. Rise gains her Persona, “Himiko” of the Lovers Arcana.  The group is wiped out from their battle. Teddie thinks on Rise’s words and questions his past. or lack thereof. His thoughts manifest as a large shadow version of himself. Shadow Teddie claims there is no past to find and engulfs the entire strip club into a massive fog. He transforms into a giant bear beast and creates a massive vortex that captures Teddie and forces the rest of the group to go on the defense.

Rise asks Yu to assist her and she then summons her Persona, which can scan enemies’ weaknesses. Meanwhile, Teddie finds himself in a world of fog and his shadow taunts him. Gaining the strength from his friends, Teddie tells his shadow that he doesn’t care what he has to say and that Teddie will find the answer about himself with his own power. Teddie’s Shadow begins to weaken, allowing Yu to send Izanagi to finish him off once and for all. Teddie reappears and accepts his shadow as another part of himself, which also allows him to gain his own Persona named “Kintoki-Douji” of the Star Arcana. Yu and Rise tell Teddie that they and rest of the group will always have his back and will help him find out who he truly is.  Back at the main center area of the TV world, Teddie begins to do push ups and tells the group that he will be even stronger when they return. A bit later, Yu walks Rise home and she tells him that she has decided to join him in finding the true killer. Rise then grabs Yu’s arm out of affection and they form a social link bond of the lovers arcana. A few weeks pass and a thick fog emerges, exposing a dead body hanging off of a building.

This adaption has made plenty of people wonder if it would be able to capture the spirit of the game. There’s a lot of story to Persona 4 and I wasn’t sure how well the game would translate to another format, but this episode made me realize that this adaptation is magnificent when it follows the main plot line. The writers were able to beautifully move to the next plot point and expand on characters beyond what had been accomplished in the game. This is shown the best when Rise is being attacked by her shadow’s illusions and Teddie finds the resolve within himself to find out who he truly is.

The fighting and action are very well done, from Kanji fighting off the Shadow Cop Bears, to the group trying their hardest to fight off Rise’s Shadow, to the Izanagi taking down Teddie’s Shadow. I love how easy it is to relate to the characters. Teddie starts off being hit-or-miss comic relief, but by the end of the episode I couldn’t help but feel inspired by him. He’s a goofball, a flirt, and while his many bear puns may be an annoyance, you can’t help but to love him when he stands up to Rise’s Shadow. You really begin to understand where he is coming from and how much deeply not knowing his past affects him. He tries his hardest to keep standing and moving forward, even though the end of his path may contain no answers. Rise, on the other hand, has many facets to her personality, so many that she begins to wonder if there is really is a true her or not. 

The only major flaw in this series is that a lot of the side characters who were intriguing in the game have minimized roles in this adaption. But, I stressed that enough in the episode recaps of “Would you love me?” and “We lost something important again”.  All in all, Persona 4: The Animation is well-written and I’m very excited to see how the next upcoming plot points are executed.


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