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Persona 4: The Animation – “I’ll beat you, and beat you good” Episode 6 Recap

by on November 21, 2011


“After watching another segment of The Midnight Channel, Yu and the gang begin to believe the next target to be killed is none other than Kanji Tatsumi, the leader of a biker gang. In order to be sure of this, they will have to follow him at the risk of being beaten to death if they are caught.”

While walking in the school hallway, Yu picks up a small animal cellphone strap which he discovers belongs to Kanji Tatsumi, a punk who leads a biker gang. On the following day, Nanako becomes depressed when her father Dojima becomes too busy with work. Because of this, Yu decides to let Nanako hang out with him and his friends which turns out to be a complete success as the group completely adores her. They find out that her mom passed away in a car crash, which makes them want to bond with her more.  Afterwards, the group privately discusses the connections between the murder incidents. Yosuke makes note that all of the victims so far are women with links to Ms. Yamano and that the killer’s objective is to kill anybody who might be a witness.  After going through a week worth of painful school exams, Yu sees Kanji Tatsumi on TV during a segment about biker gangs. He attacks the camera crew stalking him and documenting his personal manners and life style. Later on a rainy night, Yu watches the Midnight channel and sees an image that looks like Kanji.

The next day, Yosuke calls a meeting at Junes with the rest of the group. They discuss Kanji’s appearance on the Midnight Channel and how it breaks the pattern of female victims that are connected with Ms. Yamano. The group decides to investigate and start their research where Kanji lives, Tatsume Textiles. At the textile shop, they find a connection between Kanji and Ms. Yamano. Ms. Yamano’s custom made scarf is displayed at the shop and was also seen on the Midnight channel.  After leaving the shop, the group sees Kanji talking to a mysterious blue haired individual named “Naoto Shirogane”.

After Naoto departs, Kanji notices the group and attempts to scare them off.  The day after, the group decides to split up in order to find more clues regarding Kanji. Yosuke and Chie decide to trail Kanji during his next meeting with Naota. Yu and Yukiko decide to stake out at the textile shop to see if anything strange happens. Things begin to become awkward between Yu and Yukiko as she openly admits that she has never been alone with a boy before. Yu openly understands and comforts her more by exchanging numbers for investigation purposes, which starts a social link bond between them. Meanwhile, Chie and Yosuke continue to follow Kanji and Naoto. This turns into a complete disaster when Chie decides to order lunch while on the job and Kanji notices them.  He chases them both down out of his fear that they might get the impression that “he likes dudes”. Yu and Yukiko are caught in the middle of Kanji’s wrath and escape with Yosuke and Chie. The group loses Kanji and decide he should be fine without their intervention due to how tough he is. Later that night Kanji appears on the Midnight Channel again in perfect clarity. The Midnight Channel segment shows him as a host of a men only bathhouse show, symbolizing that the killer has thrown him the TV.

In this episode, we learn that there is a odd connection between Ms. Yamano and all of the existing victims, adding more mystery to the murders. We also get great insight on Yu’s little cousin, Nanako as she tells the group that her mother was killed in a car crash. One of my favorite developments in the Persona 4 video game was the bond that Yu, Nanako, and Dojima share as a family. While I don’t want to spoil any events that will soon come come to pass, I will say that you can tell Dojima feels a great deal of guilt as a father as he always can’t be there for Nanako due to his job. But thanks to Yu, Nanako now feels like she has a older brother and even now calls him ‘Big Bro”.

I also liked how Yu and Yukiko started interacting and became friends during their stake out. Their bond may go even further depending on what route this adaption takes later on. Last but not least, we get to learn more about the newest character, Kanji. While nothing deep was revealed yet, it is shown that he is a tough guy with a more compassionate side.  You can tell by his complex about males that he definitely has some deep pain within himself. These hints behind the characters will continue to make you wonder what will happen to them in the upcoming plots.

We also got some decent laughs, such as Kanji chasing the group thinking they are taunting him about “liking dudes”, Chie actually getting her lunch while running away from Kanji, and the sole fact that Inaba has it’s own instant food delivery service.  This all adds up to a satisfying episode.

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