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Persona 4: The Animation – “Catch me if you can” Episode 11 Recap

by on December 18, 2011

“After the surprising murder of their teacher Kinishiro Morooka, Yu and the group become conflicted about what to do next.”

Yu and the group end up stunned that their teacher Kinishiro Morooka has been murdered in the exact same fashion as the previous victims even though he has never appeared on television, let alone the Midnight Channel. The group decides to ask Teddie to see if somebody entered the TV world. To the group’s surprise, they find Teddie hanging around JUNES with a human body. After their shock passes, Teddie tells them all that nobody has entered the TV world since their last rescue operation. Teddie then gives Yu a new pair of fog glasses to give to Rise the next time he sees her, which she later happily accepts.

During the next day, a mysterious student begins to stalk Yukiko and begins claiming online that he is in fact the murderer behind the previous mysterious killings in Inaba. The student begins to become delusional and suddenly tries to attack Nanako at JUNES but gets easily stopped by Yu, who came back to the store to retrieve the head of Teddie’s bear suit.

Later on while having one of their investigation meetings, the gang gets confronted by detective Naoto Shirogane. Naoto informs the group that the police have identified the true culprit and that they should stop playing around. When the gang decides to agree to watch the Midnight Channel to confirm if this really the end, Yu begins to see the mysterious student on TV laughing and taunting the citizens of Inaba by saying “Catch me if you can!”.

One can say that Persona 4: The Animation goes through a very repetitive pattern in its story. Somebody gets kidnapped, saved, and then another conflict occurs that involves somebody getting kidnapped again. It remains interesting, though, because of how well written the story is. Here in “Catch me if you can”, the plot begins shift out of this pattern and takes an unexpected route.

If you liked Teddie’s character up till now, then you will begin to love Persona 4 even more for having him now be involved with the group in every step of the investigation. If you dislike Teddie however, you should get ready for many more bear puns that could drive you crazy.  I personally liked this change of flow in the plot. It not only allows Teddie to be much closer to the group and the investigation, but it even gives this adaption much more fun material to work with because of his comedic personality. Meanwhile I liked the plot point with this mysterious psychotic student, as he does not look like anybody who would ever join Yu’s group. He’s broken the practicable pattern of having who ever gets thrown inside the TV world joining the side of the main characters.

The greatest aspect about “Catch me if you can” is that it gave us something to consider about our own main protagonist, Yu. When he finds out that the investigation could be over, he starts developing feelings of fear and sadness. This is shown the most when the group talks about not meeting anymore once their investigation is over. This shows us us that Yu really does care about his friends and that he may hold a secret inner desire to keep the case going so he can continue to be with them.

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