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Persona 4: The Animation – “A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2” Episode 13 Recap

by on January 6, 2012

“After noticing Yu has been coming home late more often, Nanako decides to put it upon herself to solve the mystery behind his summer activities.”

During a stormy day, Nanako decides to give her brand new umbrella to a fox that she sees at the local temple. Upon returning home, she begins to notice day after day that Yu has been coming home late. To find out what he has been doing, she takes it upon herself to follow him around dressed as her favorite cartoon character, Magical Detective Loveline. However, she loses track of him when Teddie interrupts her. The next day, she loses track of Yu again and runs into his friends, who decide to help her search. They are unsuccessful and begin to give up, but suddenly they spot Teddie getting off the local bus. They think he’s not acting like himself and get suspicious, but Teddie runs away before the group can question him. The day after, Nanako tracks Yu down again and finds him with a older woman.

After Nanako tells Yu’s friends about this, Yosuke, Kanji, and Teddie follow her to where Yu is. They are surprised to find Yu with a completely different woman, who has a young son. After being told about this twist, Rise, Chie, and Yukiko follow Nanako and help her find Yu themselves. They are utterly shocked to find him now hanging around an elderly woman.

Later at the summer festival, Naoto finds Nanako depressed outside the fair grounds and motivates her, saying that a detective never gives up. After that encouragement, Nanako rushes into the fairgrounds and finds a pyrotechnician choking on some food. After she helps him, he begins to tell her about how much he loves the festival and how it makes people smile. Nanako later finds Yu and watches the festival fireworks with him. As they do, she notices Yu being thanked by all the different people he was with over the past week.
Two days later, Dojima brings home a watermelon for Nanako, Yu, and the rest of the gang. Nanako asks Yu what he was up to all summer break, so he begins to tell her his summer story.



What I love about Nanako is how easily adorable she can be without the writers needing to force her character down the viewer’s throat. There aren’t that many moments in the main story where we can really bond with her and understand how she feels, so this type of episode is welcome. It’s a successful effort too, as we learn that she gets very lonely easily and that she strongly looks up to Yu. So naturally, she becomes very worried about him coming home late. What made me smile the most was when her “investigation” led to her realization that Yu was helping other people the entire time and making him smile. At that she begins to look up to him even more and calls him amazing. Yu and Nanako’s bond as cousins is really touching and gives viewers much more to relate to. One aspect that I always loved about the Persona series is the writers’ ability to deliver when it comes to writing their characters well and giving them heartwarming and enjoyable moments.

For Persona fans, the comedy here is hilarious. Throughout the episode Yu is shown doing various tasks, making the viewer wonder what he’s up to. Those who played the game will recognize that he’s actually doing various side quests from the Persona 4 video game. It’s funny to get this outside perspective of how it looks to other people when Yu is creating different social links involving older characters, such as the shocking reactions from his friends as they see him with the various women in this episode. All of that will be expanded on next time in “A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2”.

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