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Ottawa Festival Announces Lineup

by on July 22, 2005

The Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF) has chosen 109 submitted films for competition in the 16th edition of the festival, which is scheduled to run from September 21 through the 25 in Ottawa, Ontario, the festival announced yesterday.

Short film competitors include Henry Selick’s “MoonGirl”; John Canemaker’s “The Moon and The Son”; Igor Kovalyov’s “Milch”; Anthony Lucas’s “The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello”; Rosto’s “Jona/Tomberry”; and “Fallen Art” and “Ichthys.” In the Animated Features category, Korea’s Empress Chung will compete against Estonia’s Frank and Wendy and Hungary’s Nyócker!.

In the Television Series for Adults category, two Canadian and two American series will face off. Coolman! is represented by “Hootchy Kootchy Haiku” and The Newsroom by “Learning to Fly.” Both will compete against Episode 104 of Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law‘s “Birdgirl of Guantanamole.”

In the Television Series for Children group, Codename: Kids Next Door‘s “Operation: A.R.C.H.I.V.E.” will compete against My Life As a Teenage Robot‘s “Killgore”; Peppa Pig‘s “Cousin Chloe”; and The Secret Show‘s “Lucky Leo.”

In the Best School Showcase category, four schools will showcase a forty-minute compilation of their best new student work. Competing schools include France’s Supinfocom Valennces and École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs; Canada’s Sheridan College; and the USA’s Rhode Island School of Design.

Prizes will be awarded to category winners and a Grand Prize will be awarded the winner of each competition (Short Film, Feature Film, Student, and Commissioned). The Festival will have two international juries. Jerry Beck, Gail Noonan, and Michal Struss will oversee the Feature Animation, New Media and School Competitions. Paul Bush, Michèle Cournoyer, and Prudence Fenton will judge the Independent, Commissioned and Student Competitions.

Additional categories and competitors are listed below:

Animation Short Made for the Internet
“A KO Not Very Catho” (France)
“The Chase” (Canada)
“Fullthrottle Minus” (Japan)
“Inondation” (France)
“Killing the Long Race Champion” (China)
“Manege Frei” (Germany)
“Noci” (Turkey)
“Nulbür” (Canada)
“Out on a Limb” (USA)
“Perestroika ‘Day Care Nightmare’/ ‘The Great Pretenders'” (Canada, Japan)
“S.P.I.F.: A Stupid Public Information Film” (UK)
“Three Feathers and a Rainworm” (Serbia)

Interactive Animation
“American Penguin Project” (USA)
“The Flowering of Forgotten Gifts” (Canada)
“Lou Paradis” (France, Japan, The Netherlands)
“Zoetropia” (USA)

Narrative Short Film Under 35 Minutes
“At the Quinte Hotel” (Canada)
“The Back Brace” (USA)
“Bob Log III’s Electric Fence Story” (Germany)
“The Corridor” (France)
“DogWorries” (USA)
“Dying of Love” (Germany)
“Fallen Art” (Poland)
“Ichthys” (Poland)
“Jona/Tomberry” (The Netherlands)
“The Meaning of Life” (USA)
“Milch” (USA)
“The Moon and the Son” (USA)
“The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello” (Australia)
“The Old Crocodile” (Japan)
“Perfect” (UK)
“Tick-Tack” (Canada)

Experimental Film Under 35 Minutes
“_grau” (Germany)
“Academy Stripper” (Canada)
“Bow-tie Duty for Square Heads” (Germany)
“cNote” (Canada)
“The Curse of the Voodoo Child” (Canada)
“Dew Line” (USA)
“even odd even” (Austria)
“Tower BAWHER” (Canada)

First Professional Film
“A Half Man” (Canada)
“City Paradise” (UK)
“Novocento, Pianiste” (France)
“Surly Squirrel” (Canada)

Elementary/Scondary Film
“A Case on a Peel” (USA)
“Animated Self-Portraits” (USA)
“Jim” (USA)
“Piper the Goat” (USA)
“Rupert and the Importance of Oral Hygiene” (USA)

Undergraduate Film
“Caesura” (USA)
“Fish Heads Fugue and Other Tales for Twilight” (USA)
“Pourquoi Moi?” (Canada)
“Sans Secularity” (USA)

Graduate Film
“As You Wish” (Germany)
“Chesnuts Icelully” (USA)
“Death By Heart” (Sweden)
“Hernando” (France)
“Like, You, See” (Belgium)
“The Man of the Hour” (Taiwan)
“Meeting Me” (Germany)
“Overtime” (France)
“Workin’ Progress” (France)

Promotional Film
“Children’s Hospital ‘Just Right'” (USA)
“Coinstar ‘Shoe'” (USA)
“Comedy Central ‘Robogirl’, ‘Stumpy’, ‘Monster Munchies’ and ‘Alphose and Orville'” (USA)
“Delirium Films Opening Title” (Serbia)
“The Detour on Teletoon” (Canada)
“Esurance ‘Lost Reel'” (USA)
“Fuel Signature Series ‘Dalek'” (USA)
“Gordon’s Gin ‘Breeze'” (UK)
“Honda ‘Grrr'” (UK)
“Ikea” (UK)
“Kashi Go Lean Crunch ‘Destiny'” (USA)
“Lemony Snicket ‘Littlest Elf'” (UK)
The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Title Sequence” (UK, USA)
“Motorola ‘Grand Classics'” (UK)
“Moveon.org” (USA)
“Samurai-Crash” (Japan)
“Stephen Lewis Foundation PSA ‘Numbers'” (Canada)
“YTV ‘3 Hairy Thumbs Up'” (Canada)

Music Video
“Die Toten Hosen ‘Walkampf'” (Germany)
“Mad Action ‘Smile'” (Sweden)
“The Muffs ‘Don’t Pick On Me'” (USA)
“Phoenix Foundation ‘Hitchcock'” (UK)
“Rheostatics ‘The Tarleks'” (Canada)
“Xploding Plastix ‘Joy Comes in the Morning'” (USA)

Short Films Made for Children
“Gopher Broke” (USA)
“Hide & Seek” (USA)
“Lunolin, Little Naturalist” (France, Belgium)
“Revenge is Cold” (UK)
“Moongirl” (USA)
“Opposites Jamboree” (USA)
“Shambala” (Russia)

International Film Showcase
“Beginning, Middle & End” (UK)
“The Binding of Isaac” (Spain)
“Fable” (USA)
“Into Pieces” (Brazil)
“KaBoom!” (USA)
“The Last Minute” (France)
“Learn Self Defense” (USA)
“Moonraker” (USA)
“Stalk” (UK)
“Test One Two” (The Netherlands)
“Tree Robo” (Korea)
“True Stories” (Ireland)

Canadian Film Showcase
“The Ballad of Sheep 13” (Sheridan College)
“Bill the Barber” (Sheridan College)
“Bugging the Bug” (Cuckoo Animation)
“Can You Love Me?” (Ryerson University)
“Cinerama 199X” (Vancouver Film School)
“Dehors Novembre” (National Film Board of Canada)
“I Like Pandas” (Jessica Borutski)
“Liaisons” (National Film Board of Canada)
“The Mirage” (ECIAD)
“Mute and Molt” (Brigitte Archambault)
“Rickshaw Rampage” (Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia)
“The Skateboarder” (Patrick Jenkins)
“Room 710” (AMF Productions Inc.)
“Slide” (Concertina)

Student Film Showcase
“529” (The Netherlands, Belgium)
“Blue Rain” (USA, Taiwan)
“Citoplasms in Acidic Medium” (Spain)
“The Deadman’s Fair” (Italy)
“Ego Sum Alpha et Omega” (Germany)
“Everything Was Life” (UK)
“Lionel” (France)
“The Option of War” (USA)
“Plan B” (Belgium)
“Room” (Finland)
“Tango on Saw” (France)
“Vaudeville” (Korea, USA)
“Vered Don’t Die and Other Stories” (Israel)

Kids Showcase
“An Eye for Annai” (Canada)
“Journey to Mars” (Argentina)
My Favorite Picture Book “The Bear and the Pig” (The Netherlands)
“Piñata” (Australia)
“Remote Paradise” (Canada)
SpongeBob SquarePants “Fear of a Krabby Patty” (USA)

[Source: Ottawa International Animation Festival]

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