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Otakon 2014: Thoughts on Friday

by on August 9, 2014

Well, so far so good this year. The weather is pretty decent if a touch humid, the con funk is minimal, and I think the registration line is finally gone, but I could be wrong about that. Apparently there were folks in line until after midnight Thursday who were told that they couldn’t get their badge that night and given line jump passes for Friday morning. The registration mess was reportedly bad enough to make the local paper. I guess that’s making the big time?

On the plus side, even with the registration mess, things haven’t been nearly as crazed this year as some years past. A lot of things have been moved around and there’s a lot more traffic direction stuff set up in the hallways, which probably explains it. The new layout is surprisingly effective. A lot of things that should have been moved ages ago have finally been put into better homes. Yay! Also, so far the traffic outside has not been appreciably worse than usual, but that could change tomorrow depending on how many folks from the big EDM festival end up staying down near here.

Cosplay has been somewhat more subdued than I expected, I think. That or all of the crazy costumes have stayed out in the hallway rather than in the panel rooms. Not that there haven’t been a few really crazy huge ones, but it’s not a massive number so far. At this point I would hope most of you all who have been reading my reports over the years know I’m more here for the programing than the scene. Programing so far that has included a breakdown of drinking culture in Japan (where it’s apparently OK to sleep in a train station so long as you keep your clothes on), an examination of the State Shinto overtones in Kill la Kill, and Mike Toole doing a breakdown of some of the worst anime ever. One would think that at this point in time we’d be able to get rid of basic animation errors like faces going all wonky, but apparently not.

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