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Otakon 2014: The Prelims

by on August 8, 2014

Night before the con. The anticipation. The lines. The….sirens. Yep, it’s Otakon time again. Hey, it’s Baltimore, sirens come with the territory. Hopefully not like the last time I stayed in this particular hotel, the Renaissance Harborplace, since the last time I stayed here for Otakon was 2001… the year Baltimore kinda…well…exploded…during the con. Seriously, it did. Look up “Baltimore Tunnel Fire 2001” and then “exploding manholes Baltimore 2001” — you’ll see. It’s certainly odd looking out the window and seeing the changes in the Baltimore skyline in the last 13 years.

Definitely a different Otakon this year. Much less of the crazy than last year, at least on paper. We’ll if that holds out or not. Apparently there was major dysfunction in the standard registration line tonight due to WiFi issues, so things don’t seem to be off to a particularly promising start.

Hopefully this will all be sorted out tomorrow. The scene on the street so far has definitely been different since there was a Ravens pre-season game tonight (the local NFL football team for those who don’t know/care). As a result, there were quite a few football cosplayers mixed in with the anime-ish cosplayers tonight. The rest of the weekend has Major League Baseball action as the Orioles will be home all weekend, a full weekend of shows at the concert pavilion at the other end of the harbor, and a major EDM festival at the horse race track north of town. It’s gonna be busy.

And of course, there’s Otakon itself. I would suppose the “Big Get” this year is X: Japan frontman Yoshiki and several of his bandmates, though not the whole band, doing a concert on Sunday. That and the major gathering of Sailor Moon-related folks. Former cast members, current cast members, cosplayers, crossover cosplayers. Crossover crossover cosplayers. To be honest, I would not be surprised to see a Deadpool/My Little Pony/Sailor Moon cosplay group just because. It’s probably gonna be that kind of con this year. Hopefully it won’t be a wet con though. The weather’s looking a bit iffy.

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