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Otakon 2011…It’s been over 10 years…really?

by on July 29, 2011

Over 10 years…holy cow.  Yours truly has been going to Otakon, the
biggest anime con on the East Coast and one of the biggest conventions
in the country, and certainly the biggest fan-run convention in the
country, for over a decade of my existence.  It’s kinda hard to fathom
how much time that is till you look back and go “Wow….that’s a long
time to have been doing any one thing”.  Consider how many life-altering
things have happened in these last ten years.  Wars, recessions,
attacks, counter-attacks, 2 presidential elections and countless

other elections.  It’s a BFD to say that something has been going on non-stop through all of that, and that thing is the rite of summer that is Otakon.

This year in particular is looking quite summery with 100+ degree
temperatures, swamp-like humidity and the potential for thunderstorms
throughout the Con. Well, it wouldn’t be summer in Balmer without the
lousy weather, the  freakishly better weather of the last several years
notwithstanding.  The big feature guest this year is the one man army
himself, Makoto Shinkai of “Voice of a Distant Star”, “A Place Promised
In Our Early Days”  and “5cm Per Second” fame.  This year he brings to
us his newest production, “Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep
Bellow”,  this time backed up by a full production team.  There are also
not one, not two, but three other major movie screenings on Saturday and a much
heavier emphasis on Japanese fashion this year than in years gone by.  To this
add much of the US vocal talent behind the English-language tracks in
all of our favorite productions as well as all the usual convention
standard, i.e. the AMV contest, costume masquerade, videogame room,
massive dealer’s room, fan panels, industry panels, guest panels,
ceiling panels..etc etc etc..ok, one of those is a joke, but you get the
idea.  This is a B.F.D to quote of Vice President.  So, with that said,
we begin the ritual again.  Come one come all…just not all at the
exact same time.  We do have a fire code limit.

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