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Official Trailer Released for “The Legend of Korra” Book 3

by on June 11, 2014

Nickelodeon has released an action-packed first official trailer for the third season of its fantasy action series The Legend of Korra, the network’s sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The video that follows below showcases many familiar faces, as well as many characters never before seen.

Co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino has blogged that the video was edited by Jeff Adams, and credits the motion graphics to Matt Gadbois and the Book 3 music to Jeremy Zuckerman. Postproduction work on book 3 was recently completed, while co-creator Bryan Konietzko divulged that as of June 6 the creative team was in the “home stretch” of preproduction on design and color work for the fourth and final season.

On his personal tumblr blog, Konietzko has characterized the trailer’s release as “early” and a response to four episodes from the season being recently leaked online. In a separate post written on June 10, Konietzko spoke his mind on the situation and how the creative team felt about that and the ensuing posting of spoilers:

Howdy, friends. As you have likely already heard, four episodes from Book 3 were leaked this past weekend. It is bad enough that it happened at all, but it would have been a little less of a disaster had it at least been the first four episodes of the season. Instead, the third through the sixth episodes popped out online, causing confusion and, at least on our end of things, frustration. As you all know, these episodes take a ton of concerted effort from scores of individuals. We craft these continuous storylines and the animation as best we can, and hope that they are presented in a way that allows everyone to enjoy them to the fullest. But when leaks happen, the work we meticulously prepared for the audience is fumbled unceremoniously.

Nickelodeon is obviously a massive corporation with outlets all over the world. These outlets get the episodes in advance so they can translate and dub them for their markets. We typically deliver the episodes to the network quite close to their U.S. premieres, but in the case of Book 3, we have actually already finished the entire season as of last week. The network has some plans in the works for it and needs to wait on its release, so we have been keeping quiet while keeping our noses to the Book 4 grindstone. Unfortunately, the longer the episodes sit on all these shelves all over the world, the probability of leaks increases.

So, yeah… It is unfortunate it played out this way. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before Book 3 is released properly and with respect to all the people who worked hard to make it and to the audience who wants to watch it.

For his part, DiMartino approvingly cited the statement and thanked fans who exercised restraint, adding that “Watching the story in sequence, as it is intended will be much more satisfying, I assure you.”

Book 3 of the Legend of Korra, entitled “Change”, does not have an announced broadcast date yet. In comments to the Wall Street Journal in November 2013, DiMartino remarked that “It’s all about Korra dealing with the change of the world in this point in time. At the end of Book 2 she says it’s a new era. And it really is and we’re going to show how Harmonic Convergence and her battle with Unalaq and Vaatu kind of shifted the world a bit.”

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