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NYCC: The One-Minute Interview Part 2 – People

by on February 27, 2006

This is the second of Toon Zone News’ “One-Minute Interviews” from the New York Comic-Con, where we asked a bunch of different individuals at the con the same three questions and print all the answers together. As with yesterday’s One-Minute Interviews, subjects are in alphabetical order by first name. Click on the thumbnails to get full-sized images of the interview subjects.

1. What did you think of the con?

Brian K. Vaughan BRIAN K. VAUGHAN (Writer of Y the Last Man, Runaways, Ex Machina): It was great! It was amazing. I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. I live in San Diego now, so I always do the San Diego convention, but I’m from New York and I always wished that New York would have a San Diego sized con, and it looks like this could really grow into it.

Colleen Doran COLLEEN DORAN (Creator of A Distant Soil; artist for Orbiter and The Book of Lost Souls): The con was terrific. I hear that a lot of people are unhappy because they couldn’t get in, but it’s like the most popular band in town. The band is terrific whether you got in or not.

Danielle Corsetto (L) and Jim Dougan (R) DANIELLE CORSETTO AND JIM DOUGAN (Artist and writer for Crazy Papers): Jim – We had a great con. I think I did, but Danielle lost her voice, so her’s is probably not as good as mine. But the book sold very well and we had a great night at Jigsaw Friday night at the party for people to celebrate the release of the book, so we can’t complain. Danielle – And I sold a lot of sketches!

David Petersen DAVID PETERSEN (Creator of Mouse Guard): I think it’s a really well done con. I’m a little disappointed about what I’ve heard about the crowds having to sit out in the cold. I hope that’s something they can overcome, because every other aspect once you’re inside of the con has been really well organized.

Fred Van Lente (L) and Ryan Dunlavey (R) FRED VAN LENTE AND RYAN DUNLAVEY (Writer and artist, Action Philosophers): Ryan – It was tremendous. We had a great time.

Gene Colan GENE COLAN (Artist, Daredevil and Tomb of Dracula): Great place. Very organized, very clean. The rows were open to pass through them. Couldn’t have been better. It was the best con I’ve been to.

Greg Ayres GREG AYRES (Voice Actor, almost every anime you can think of): It’s amazing. This is my first comic con. I’ve heard stories about San Diego and how huge it was, and I knew New York City would have a good turnout, but this is amazing. I’ve never been in quite a frenzy of people before. It’s pretty amazing.

KyleBaker KYLE BAKER (Writer/artist/animator for Why I Hate Saturn, The Cowboy Wally Show, King David, and Nat Turner; exclusive to Kyle Baker Publishing): I love the con. I’m having a great time. Everything’s going well.

Matthew K. Manning MATTHEW K. MANNING (Writer, Justice League Adventures, The Batman Strikes!, and Meathaus): Surprising. A little too packed, but a good turnout. I’m hoping for the same thing next year.

Sean Wang SEAN WANG (Creator of Runners from Serve Man Press, artist for The Tick): I thought it was a great con. I think it exceeded everyone’s expectations, especially for a first time show. I think everyone came here not knowing what to expect, but I think everyone was more than pleasantly surprised with the turnout.

Walt Simonson WALT SIMONSON (Upcoming writer for DC’s Hawkgirl, artist for Manhunter, writer/artist for Thor): I really enjoyed it. I had a great time. I think they were a bit short on space, and maybe a little short on room for all the people who wanted to get in. If they do it again, I hope they get squared away.

(And, because Marvel’s Jim McCann turned my own questions on me and then said I should print my answers…)
Edward Liu
EDWARD LIU (Fake Reporter): I enjoyed it. It was great to see so much variety in comics under one umbrella. There’s something for everyone here, and seeing them all side-by-side is really kind of cool.

2. What was the biggest surprise of the con for you?

BRIAN K. VAUGHAN: Yesterday. I think just the sheer size of the crowd. Seeing fire marshals out and turning people away. I’ve done conventions in New York, little things in church basements, I never thought I’d see anything like that.

COLLEEN DORAN: The attendance. It was roughly three times what anyone expected. It’s lovely to see such a beautiful convention on the East Coast that is immediately so popular. I hear that they are going to double the size of the venue next year.

: The biggest surprise was the fact that they had to literally turn people away. That there were people lined up on Saturday afternoon, and the fire marshals were stopping people – even people who had pre-registered and pre-paid – from getting into the show. And even some exhibitors, as I understand it. Luckily, we got in early, but that was still a big surprise.

: The biggest surprise was the rumor I hear that Frank Miller actually was one of the people left out in the cold when they stopped letting people in because of capacity issues.

FRED VAN LENTE: A lot of libraries here, representing and checking out what was available. I think that’s a terrific sign, both for New York and for comics in general.

GENE COLAN: I think the size of it. It was huge!

GREG AYRES: It wasn’t a surprise, but I just never thought there’d be 40,000 people lined up to get it. It’s an amazing number. I think just the volume and the turnout. I shouldn’t expect anything less from New York City, but yesterday was pretty unreal, looking at the lines and everything.

KYLE BAKER: The biggest surprise of the con was that the T-shirts sold. I made a lot of different T-shirts, and I was wondering which ones would work and which ones wouldn’t, and they all sold, so I’m going to make more T-shirts.

MATTHEW K. MANNING: I think the fact that people are outside waiting in line for hours in the cold weather. We had no hopes…I mean, we had hopes, but we didn’t know what to expect, and all of a sudden, bang! It’s huge.

SEAN WANG: The biggest surprise would just be how many people showed up. I know Saturday there were some glitches with there being too many people showing up to accommodate. That’s the first time that I’ve ever known that a comic show had too many people show up, so that was a nice surprise. As long as people actually made it in.

WALT SIMONSON: The number of people that showed up. Befor the convention, I knew a lot of professionals were coming. I thought it would be a lot of professionals and crickets chirping in the corners, and it turned out not to be that. I’m floored with the number of people who showed up at the convention, and I’m sure that the organizers were, too.

EDWARD LIU: I’m going to say the biggest surprise was the enthusiasm and the energy I’m feeling from the audience. If you spend enough time on-line, everybody there is always talking about how “comics are going to die,” and “comics are no good any more,” but you totally don’t get that sense from the people here at the con. There’s a lot of positive energy about comics right now, and people here are all really excited about them still, and that’s really great to see.

3. Will you come back next year, and what will you do differently if you do?

BRIAN K. VAUGHAN: I will definitely come back, and I don’t think I’ll do anything differently. Maybe get here earlier in the morning or something, but it was a great show and I look forward to coming back.

COLLEEN DORAN: I would definitely come back. I personally wouldn’t do anything differently except bring more stuff, because I sold out of a lot of stuff. Now that I hear that they’re to expand the venue and give us more room, that’s all I care about. I want to see more fans have a good time and be able to get into the show and meet all the creators. That’s what makes me the happiest – I want to see them have a good time.

DANIELLE CORSETTO AND JIM DOUGAN: Jim – I definitely would like the opportunity to come back next year. I’d like to have another new book out for that show, and other than that I don’t know that I’d do a whole lot differently. It’s been a pretty good show for us. Danielle – I’d definitely come back, as long as they make it bigger. I won’t do too much differently, either, although I might go ahead and grab my own table and sit next to Mr. Jim here.

DAVID PETERSEN: Certainly, I would come back. I don’t know that I would do much differently. I’ll have more material here, and probably some more original artwork.

FRED VAN LENTE AND RYAN DUNLAVEY: Ryan – We’d be idiots not to come back, and we’d just have more stuff, I guess. Fred – Yeah, we’re going to have even more stuff next year.

GENE COLAN: Oh, absolutely. I would bring some artwork (laughing), which I didn’t bring this time.

GREG AYRES: I will get here early, so I can have fun in New York (laughing). I spent most of the time working. I hope I can come back. We did the party at the Knitting Factory last night, and any time I get to do something a little different that what I have to do every weekend at a convention is nice. I was DJ’ing at the party last night and having a good time – and now I can say I made my DJ’ing debut at the Knitting Factory!

KYLE BAKER: I may come back if I am still in the comic book business next year. I’m seriously considering getting out. If I do come back, I would have more T-shirts, and I would have toys made instead of making them myself.

: I’m sure I’ll be here next year, because I live here. As far as doing something differently, I don’t know if I’m actually going to have a table next year because you can’t enjoy the con as much. Maybe try to get here a little earlier.

SEAN WANG: I am definitely coming back – I’ve actually already arranged to get a table for next year, so I’ll definitely be back. As for doing anything differently, I don’t know. I think everything seemed to work really well this year, so I don’t know if I’m planning anything differently other than having more stuff to offer. Definitely more Runners – the whole next story arc by then.

WALT SIMONSON: I’d come back in a heartbeat if they do it again. Me? I’ll do nothing differently – I’ll just go to my table, I’ll do drawings, I’ll walk, I’ll see friends, I’ll hang out. If it’s the organizers, I’d have more space and I’d get squared away better on the tickets that people get and getting those people into the show.

: I’d definitely come back. I’d bring extra batteries and chargers so I don’t run out of camera juice halfway through the busiest day of the con. And I’d clone myself a few times so I could attend all the panels I wanted to go to that were scheduled at the same time.

Thanks to all the professionals who were gracious enough to put up with me shoving an iPod into their face and asking a bunch of stupid questions. I promise they’ll be better ones next year.

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