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NYCC: The 2007 One-Minute Interview Part 2 – Individuals

by on February 26, 2007

To repeat the experiment from last year, Toon Zone News wandered the 2007 New York Comic Con’s show floor and “Artist’s Aerie” for the “One Minute Interview,” where a variety of companies and individuals were asked the same 3 questions about this year’s convention. The creator answers follow, alphabetized by each creator’s first name. We apologize for any unflattering photos, no doubt caused by Last Day of the Con Frazzle, and you can click on each creator’s face to get a larger photo.

Astute readers will notice that there are no women artists in this year’s One Minute Interviews. This was an unfortunate omission which would have been remedied on the con floor had I realized it in time. There were several female creators we wanted to talk to for the One-Minute Interview, but either they didn’t attend the con at all this year, were too busy at their booths to talk to us, or just couldn’t be found in the mad frenzy of the closing hours of the con. I offer this to explain the omission, not to excuse it, and I feel bad enough to apologize publicly for it. I’ll do better next year.

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1. So what did you think of this year’s con?
Bill Plympton (Director/Animator, Hair High, Guard Dog): It was very good. There were good audiences and a lot of fans, which is always nice. It wasn’t as exciting and big as San Diego, but for the second year, it’s terrific. I like the location, it’s very close to where I live, so I was very happy with it.

Danny Fingeroth magazine, former Marvel editor): I thought it was terrific. It seemed that they really had the whole crowd issue under control. I didn’t hear any complaints like last year, so in that sense, it ran smoothly.

David Petersen (Creator, Mouse Guard): I think it’s been a great con. It’s been really busy. The experiment with having Artist’s Alley being on a different floor than the main show floor ended up being a success. I heard it was really crowded up there, maybe even a little too much, but I think in a good way. That’s a better problem to have than nobody having gone up there at all. I think this one is better than last year’s and I look forward to coming back again.

Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey (Writer and Artist, Action Philosophers): Fred – It’s pretty good so far. Ryan – A little slow on the first day and the last day, but good overall.

Jamal Igle (Artist, DC’s Nightwing and Firestorm): It was really good. I’m exhausted, my hand is cramping, I’m bleary, I won’t be able to concentrate for the rest of the day, and I still gotta work tomorrow (laughs), but overall the show was really, really good.

Kyle Baker (Creator, Nat Turner, The Bakers): I love it. I love them all. They’re great. It’s more of the same, it’s always wonderful. It’s nice to not have a job (laughs).

Michael Avon Oeming (Creator, Runners; Artist for Meltdown): I thought it was even better than last year’s. We had a great time and got a very favorable response to both Runners and Meltdown, so it’s been overall extremely positive.

2. What was the coolest thing that you saw at this year’s convention?
BILL PLYMPTON: I got to meet some really cool creators. I got to hang out with people like Mike Mignola, Darren Aronofsky, and Patrick McDonnell. I like meeting the people, the artists. For me, that’s the joy of this event.

DANNY FINGEROTH: The coolest thing I got to see was people coming up and telling me how much they loved my Write Now magazine. I know that’s self-serving, but it was the coolest thing. More than ever before, people tell me that they got work out of it or inspired by it, so I feel good about that.

DAVID PETERSEN: I haven’t gotten a whole lot of chance to walk around, but Jeff Smith’s booth is right next to ours, so we were kind of booth buddies. We all chatted across the curtain a little and got some stuff signed, which was a huge kick, so that was probably one of the highlights of the con.

FRED VAN LENTE AND RYAN DUNLAVEY: Fred – Hands down, Larry Gonick of Cartoon History of the Universe coming up to us on Friday and actually knowing who we were and introducing himself. Ryan – Buying our books and getting them signed — it was really wild. It was pretty cool. Fred – He was a big influence on us to do Action Philosophers, so it was a huge treat.

JAMAL IGLE: I got to meet Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. I’m a huge fan of his work and just getting to meet him and talk to him was really, really cool. That was my personal highlight of the show.

KYLE BAKER: You know, I don’t get to move around the con because I’m always behind the table, so the coolest thing I saw is my daughter walking around with a big bag of money from all the comic books that she sold. She’s 8 years old, she has more books here than I have, and she’s been making a ton of money. That was the coolest thing that I ever saw: an 8-year old with a bag of money.

MICHAEL AVON OEMING: The costumes were really nice this year. There were a lot of people running around dressed as Naruto and all that stuff. Good stuff. No Red Sonjas, thank God (laughs). Most people who wear that costume should not be wearing that costume.

SEAN WANG: Actually, I didn’t get to make it out from my booth very much at all, so the only things I really saw were Runners and Meltdown.

3. What can the con organizers do better next year?
: I think they should bring in more film personalities and projects. More animation – definitely should have more animation, but otherwise it was very good. We’re very happy.

DANNY FINGEROTH: What they can do better next year, which I think they’re doing, is to have Artist’s Alley directly connected to the main show floor. I believe that’s their plan. There was plenty of traffic up here, and I certainly met a lot of people and got the word out about my products, but I think having a connection to the show itself is a more organic way to do it.

DAVID PETERSEN: Well, it sounds like Artist’s Alley needs to be expanded. Either wider aisles or a different layout or something. I also heard that there was a signing up in the gaming area that was really hard to get to, or people didn’t know they were there, so they were poorly attended. I guess if you’re a fan looking to get something signed, it’s good because you get more face time with the person signing. But these are minor tweaks in the big picture of running a convention.

FRED VAN LENTE AND RYAN DUNLAVEY: Fred – Well, I spoke to the salespeople today and it sounds like they’re going to try and get Artist’s Alley on the same level as the rest of the con. They’re definitely moving in that direction, so that’s what I’d like to see.

JAMAL IGLE: I don’t know, it was a lot better organized than it was last year. I know that they’re trying to get more space for next year’s show, so I think that will go a long way. But it seemed pretty well organized at least as far as everything else was concerned.

KYLE BAKER: I think a statue of me in front of the Javits Center would be perfect. A big statue of me made out of Legos would have made this perfect.

MICHAEL AVON OEMING: Just organize it a little bit better. How you get your badges and that sort of thing. Figuring out how to let people in and out. The basics.

SEAN WANG: The only minor complaint we had was that in Artist’s Alley, it’s an 8-foot table in an 8-foot space, so there’s really no way to get out of your booth except to crawl under the table, which is how we’ve been getting in and out of our booth.

Toon Zone News would like to thank all the creators who participated in this year’s One-Minute Interview. Special thanks to my wife for the photography assistance. See you all next year.

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