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NYCC: Costume Photo Gallery

by on March 1, 2006

Everybody wants to see the photo galleries from the bigger comic and anime conventions, and everybody always goes straight for the people in costumes. This gallery has the cosplayers, booth models, and cool looking people that Toon Zone News managed to photograph at the New York Comic-Con.

Click on each thumbnail to get a bigger photo, many of which prove that spending a lot of money on a camera does not mean you will get good pictures.

There are also larger photos available at Lauren as Supergirl, including larger versions of the images shown below.

Stone Bridge Cosplay
Brontis O. as a Naruto ninja.
Stone Bridge Press
Nicole P., who was far nicer than she needed to be when she told me she wasn’t wearing a costume.
Radical Ed, Yûsuke Urameshi, and Tenten
Lauren, as a super Supergirl.
David B. as a Jedi
Chrissy S. with ears
Vader's Fist and Rebel Legion
She would only identify herself as Tsukasa
the Rebel Legion
(l to r) Ryan C. as Kakashi, Jeff S. as Chouji, Lennie L. as Gai Sensei, Melanie M. as Alice, Debbie M. as Catwoman, and Rick L. as Naruto
the 501st Legion (Vader’s Fist)
Nikky S. as Edward Elric
Mara Jade and Boba Fett
Tom T. as a Jedi
Metal Gear Solid
Slave Girl Leia and Boba Fett
Agatha J. as Mara Jade
Dominic V. as Vash the Stampede
Booth model
To the model: I’m really sorry, but I completely forgot to ask what your name was or who you were dressed as. I was a little distracted.
Laura N. as Lillith
Boxmius Prime. I got to watch him answer his cell phone in this getup, too.
Goth girl and Mono
Dominic V. as the Crow
The Sarge and Beetle Bailey at the King Features Booth
Stone Bridge Cosplay
Sara K-S. as a Space Piratey thing, for a friend’s comic book at the con.
Stone Bridge Press
He would only identify himself as the Trickster.
Radical Ed, Yûsuke Urameshi, and Tenten
“Alpha,” who, like Nicole P., also turned out not to be in costume.
Tilola S.
Cosplayer at the Chrissy S. with ears booth.
(l to r) Courtney as Radical Ed, David D. as Yûsuke Urameshi, and Vivien L. as Tenten
Vader's Fist and Rebel Legion
Sometimes, a costume is all in the attitude. Tilola S., the Biggest Green Lantern Fan in the world.
the Rebel Legion
Chrissy S. With funny ears on her head.
the 501st Legion (Vader’s Fist)
She would only identify herself as Edo.
Mara Jade and Boba Fett
(l to r) Will S., Kristin M., and Mary Alice L. From the Manhattan branches of Metal Gear Solid and Agatha J. as Mara Jade.
Mara Jade and Boba Fett
(l to r) Jennifer H. as Mara Jade and Ruby R. as Boba Fett, also from the Legion and the 501st.
Laura N. as Lillith
(l to r) Will as Solid Snake, James as Metal Gear Soldier, Jake as Big Boss, and Joe as Otacon. From the video game Metal Gear Solid.
Agatha J. as Mara Jade
Agatha J. as Mara Jade, from NYJedi.com.
Laura N. as Lillith
Booth model Laura N. as Lillith from animamundi, coming soon from Hirameki.
Dominic V. as the Crow
Dominic V. (last seen as Vash the Stampede on Saturday) as the Crow on Sunday.
Ranma and Winry
(l to r) Susan D. as Ranma and Emily S. as Winry
(l to r) Jessica V. as Mary Marvel and Mark F. as Captain Marvel. Shazam!
Marvels with Zorikh Lequidre
Mary and Captain Marvel, with Zorikh Lequidre, who is writing Captain Marvel Culture
Sith vs. Zabuza
Glenn D. as Dark Jedi vs. Kate G. as Zabuza. Zabuza’s sword was about twice as long as I could fit in frame.
Zenescope's Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks
Booth models Katie M. as Red Riding Hood and Jenna S. as Goldilocks, at the Zenescope booth. Unfortunately, Snow White was on her cell phone.
Brian and Brett
Brian (with Naruto headband) and Brett (without)
Kid Lucky
He would only identify himself as Kid Lucky. Again, sometimes a costume is all in the attitude.
Rei and Freya
(l to r) Robyn W. as Rei and Lyu A. as Freya
Roxy S. as Tank Girl
Booth model Roxy S. as Tank Girl, for Big Apple Con. I had to ask if she was bundled up or if she was dressed as someone.
Michael A. as Miroku
Michael A. as Miroku.
Spider-Man and Rorschach
“Peter Parker” as Spider-Man and Jim T. as Rorschach, teamed up for the first time. I was so fried by this point, I told them to smile right before I took the picture.
Giant Smurf
Smurf working for the Schleich booth. I accidentally tripped up the Smurf while running after them to get the picture. I am going to hell for that.
Darryl M. as a Stormtrooper
Darryl M. as a Stormtrooper, also from the 501st Legion.
Aim High
This gentleman, who did not wish to be identified, was not in costume, but was recruiting for the United States Air Force. Thanks for the lanyard!
Nomolos by Juda Tverski.
Lou M. as V.
He would only identify himself as “V.” Seriously, that’s Lou M. under there. Or is it?
Andrea Grant and Kristine D.
(l to r) Writer Andrea Grant and Kristine D. for Minx.
Little Batman
The littlest Batman, who was adorable despite looking like he was about have a major melt down in about 5 minutes.
Who you gonna call?
(l to r) John R. and Chris H. as the Ghostbusters.

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