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NYCC 2013: Day 3 Cosplay Gallery

by on October 13, 2013

Saturday is always an insane day at New York Comic Con, and it seems like the best costumes come out. Here’s a selection of different cosplayers who turned out for the day, with some new entries in my “Superhero Downtime” series, my first ever group shoot, and a photoshoot with cosplayer extraordinaire GillyKins.

Apologies in advance for the totally blown focus on some of the full body shots. Not sure what’s going on with that, other than my own ineptitude at photography. Cosplayer identification and links are also coming soon.

NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy

NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy

NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy

NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy NYCC 2013 Cosplay GillyKins Poison Ivy


NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-2 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-3

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-4 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-5

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-6 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-7

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-8 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-9

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-10 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-11

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-12 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-13

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-14 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-15

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-16 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-17

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-18 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-19

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-20 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-21

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-22 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-23

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-24 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-25

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-26 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-27

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-28 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-29

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-30 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-31

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-32 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-33

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-34 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-35

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-36 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-37

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-38 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-39

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-40 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-41

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-42 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-43

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-44 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-45

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-46 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-47

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-48 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-49

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-50 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-51

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-54 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-55

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-56 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-57

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-58 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-59

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-60 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-61

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-62 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-63

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-64 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-65

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-66 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-67

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-68 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-69

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-70 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-71

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-72 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-73

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-74 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-83

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-84 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-85

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-86 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-87

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-88 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-89

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-90 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-91

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-92 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-93

Normally, I’d wave off a photobomber or take one and then wait for them to leave to get the real photo. The Joker photobombing Elektra in this next shot was just too funny not to leave in, though.

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-94 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-95

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-96 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-97

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-98 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-99

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-100 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-101

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-102 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-103

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-104 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-106


NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-75 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-76

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-77 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-78

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-79 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-80

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-81 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-82

NYCC 2013 Cosplay Nightwing

NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-52 NYCC-Cosplay-Day2-53


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