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NYCC 2008: "The Venture Bros." Panel – You Just Like Kim Because She’s Hot. Admit It.

by on April 20, 2008

Astro Base Go!
(l to r) Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer, James Urbaniak, and Michael Sinterniklaas. I can spell his name without looking it up.

So. The Venture Bros panel at New York Comic Con. It wasn’t quite as funny as last year’s, but the weight of expectations can do that to you.

The real news: New episodes premiere on June 1, 2008. There are no plans for a feature film, but they’d love to do one. They’ve talked about it once or twice, but the network doesn’t seem too into the idea, and they have no other info than that.

The only thing they could remember that the network asked them to change was Doc Venture exclaiming “Jesus Christ Superstar!” which got changed to “Ladysmith Black Mambazo!” That’s funnier anyway, I think.

Given a choice between losing any one finger or any one toe, most members of the audience would lose a toe. This bit of information settled a bet.

Oh, and Colbert still isn’t Professor Impossible, but he only gets 4 lines this season.

Other than that…well, you just kind of had to be there. Maybe there’s videos on YouTube or something.

Also, these two crazy kids asked Doc Hammer to marry them at their wedding this fall in upstate New York:

(You can click it and it will become bigger. Mee-ooww!)

Doc said he’d give them a tentative maybe, but a firm “I’ll think about it.” Mazel Tov anyway, you two crazy kids!

And Doc thinks Henchman 21 would totally win in a fight with Henchman 24, not just because of the weight advantage, but also because of his never-say-die psychosis.

(Return to Toon Zone’s New York Comic Con 2008 Complete Coverage. Or don’t. That’s fine. It’s not like I worked this whole weekend to write these things and take the pictures and stuff JUST FOR YOU PEOPLE or anything.)

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