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NTSF:SD:SUV – Unfrozen Agent Man – Season 3, Episode 8

by on October 3, 2013

Radical 1960s hippie activist Gabby Hofstein has escaped from Nick Cannon Cryo-Jail - run for your lives!

Radical 1960s hippie activist Gabby Hofstein has escaped from Nick Cannon Cryo-Jail – run for your lives!

Synopsis: Radical 1960s political activist Gabby Hofstein has broken out of the Nick Cannon Cryo-Jail and is on the loose – forcing the NTSF staff to break out politically incorrect 1963 NTSF agent Booth Whitman to track him down.

Details: Radical 1960s political activist/madman/hippie Gabby Hofstein [original crime – encouraging Africans and women to vote] has escaped from the Nick Cannon Cryo-Jail and after very little thought is put into the matter, Kove decides to send 1963 NTSF agent Booth Whitman [Robert Forster – “The Descendants”] – who is decidedly politically incorrect – after the hippie troublemaker.

On the lam, Hofstein [Brett Gelman – “Eagleheart”] immediately heads for San Diego’s “Bohemian District” where he can commune with pseudo-nature via a dude downloading musical lyrics on a park bench, a guy selling organic fruit and a medical marijuana shop – but is dismayed to learn that nobody blindly embraces his idealistic spiels any longer. Meanwhile, Whitman is spouting politically incorrect tirades at virtually every turn as Piper pretends to be infuriated by them [but secretly enjoys the attention] until he finally corrals a dejected Hofstein back at the cryo-jail.

Worried that he is merely a dinosaur, Whitman seemingly makes a truce with Hofstein that has both of them realizing they don’t belong in this world and re-entering cryogenic states. Whitman allows Hofstein to go first, then punches his frozen head off and uses the chunks to make ice cubes for his whiskey drink with the ending thought of – “We got some cheap liquor, let’s go look for some cheap women!”

The Poop and Skinny: The show’s premise is based – duh – on the “Austin Powers” film franchise.

Gabby Hofstein is based on the real-life political activist Abbie Hoffman.

Among Whitman’s politically incorrect nuggets – “Organic groceries, women wearing pants – no wonder we haven’t won a war since Korea!”

NTSF:SD:SUV:: opening disclaimer – “Tonight’s episode of “NTSF:SD:SUV::” features dogs of 12 distinct breeds. See if you can identify all 12! Hint: There’s more than just one type of spaniel”.

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