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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Wasilla Hills Cop – Season 2, Episode 12

by on November 8, 2012

Synopsis: It’s Father’s Day at NTSF! Wait, no it’s not – but it seems like it is as Alphonse tangles with his estranged Dad and the state of Alaska – after his former partner at NTSF:AK:CANOE:: is killed.

Ray Liotta, as mailroom dude Jason, explaining to Sam how bad a year 2006 really was for him.

Details: Alphonse is originally from Alaska – who knew? – which means several things: he can talk to dogs telepathically, eats salmon and used to be employed by NTSF’s Alaska branch, NTSF:AK:CANOE::. Alphonse and his old NTSF:AK:CANOE partner, Buster – a sled dog – are enjoying a lunch when Buster keels over dead after taking a shot – presumably poisoned by the nefarious New Zealand mafia [but really killed by Alphonse’s dad, Alonzo Bearwalker]. Back at NTSF’s San Diego headquarters, Alphonse quits because Buster was killed and Kove immediately suspecting the NZ mafia, assigns the NTSF staff to begin their investigation. Showing supposed solidarity with Alphonse, the entire staff also quits…but really so they don’t have to work to solve the complicated NZ mafia case. Meanwhile, his Alphonse’s dad has used salmon – the mind-control fish – to hypnotize the NTSF staff who have come up to save Alphonse, who is busy trying to crack the case by disguising himself as different African American stereotypes to fool a security guard. Sam is the only NTSF member Kove has not allowed to quit so he spends his time interviewing NTSF replacements [The Letterer, The Rememberer and Ray Liotta as a mailroom dude looking for a promotion] and solving the case. Alphonse eventually discovers that it wasn’t the NZ mafia that killed Buster, but rather his dad, who is still mad at Alphonse for having saved him from drowning in an ice hole by using a cell phone. Alonzo makes peace with Alphonse after getting snared in an Alaskan pothole [bear trap].

The Poop and Skinny: A dog as a talking secret agent, now where have we heard that one before…hmmmmm…oh yeah the Monty Python skit with Ted. E. Salad – which is even set in Alaska! Brief, but distinctive Harold Faltermeyer “Beverly Hills Cop”-style background music accompanies some scenes, Ray Liotta “doesn’t remember anything from 2006” [when Liotta had probably his least productive and arguably lowest quality film year when he was in an Egyptian crime drama, a Hungarian drama and a straight-to-video Canadian rom-com] and the nefarious New Zealand mafia were after Alaska’s ozone the entire time.

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