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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Time Angels – Season 2, Episode 5

by on September 18, 2012


Synopsis: If “Charlie’s Angels” were time travelers, they would be called “Time Angels” wouldn’t they? [at least by some knucklehead television executive] and if they were called Time Angels, then they would have a time slide [TM] that would let them slide into any spot in time and stop a future crime – unless, uh, you know they made a mistake or something.

When is it my turn on the Time Slide? You guys are hogging all the turns!

Details: This much we know – crimes are being committed in the present – so why not go back in time to prevent those crimes from being committed in the future? Better yet, why not have three beautiful women in seductive poses be the ones who prevent the future crimes? Better even that that – why not have a Time Slide!? This has win-win-win written all over it when the “Time Angels” [fashioned after “Charlie’s Angels” of course – only without the Charlie part, sorta] arrive on the scene of a crime, thoroughly confusing the members of NTSF with their appearance, explanations and presence. As a reward for his persistent questions, Alphonse is sent back in time to ask those questions of the dinosaurs. The Time Angels attempt to explain that they are from the past to prevent crime in the future – specifically a nuclear warhead about to be unleashed on poor, unsuspecting San Diego – but seem to fail to get that concept across until they whip out the Time Slide as their method of time traveling transportation. Once the Time Slide comes out, all cares of the world are banished. The Angels, accompanied by NTSF, go back in time to try and kill people to stop the future nuclear warhead attack but only succeed in killing the wrong people until they finally uncover one startling discovery and we get two – Leonardo DaVinci is behind all inventions, he has merely used to time travel to claim the credit for them and he is going to punish the people of San Diego because Mona Lisa, the leader of the Time Angels [shocking!] has spurned his amorous advances [which we can only assume had something to do with his likely sardine breath]. But did we mention there was a time slide – wheeeeee!

The Poop and Skinny: Despite two trips to 1976 – no mention of the Bicentennial, disco or the crappy cars of that time period – Mustang II anyone? DaVinci always escapes Time Jail because it’s about as confining as those brigs were on “Star trek” and he really invented the iPod – at least the beta version anyway, so Apple product lemmings may rejoice or do whatever it is they do when they’re not preaching about Apple products. Most importantly, 1862 is not as you remember it from the history books but it could be how you remember it from a Mel Brooks film – if they added a campfire farting scene.

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