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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Sabbath-tage – Season 2, Episode 3

by on September 3, 2012

Synopsis: San Diego always seems to have a crisis going down and this time it’s under attack by a riddling terrorist [sorta like Batman’s Riddler but without the great question mark outfit or Frank Gorshin’s maniacal medicated behavior] leaving tech specialist Sam to ferret out the terrorist who has cunningly attacked on a Saturday – not an official NTSF workday – but also wants Sam to handle the case for a special reason. During the course of exposing the terrorist, a new, previously unkown Baldwin brother – Willis – is revealed. This episode was made in the Ukraine, home of doping Olympic athletes – just so you know what you’re getting yourself into here.

Can Sam save San Diego from both a nuclear bomb and an extra – previously unrevealed – Baldwin brother?

Details: San Diego never gets to rest. This time, a riddling terrorist has planted a nuclear bomb somewhere in town – Gaslamp, perhaps? – and has insidiously attacked on a Saturday when NTSF offices are off-limits to Trent and Kove [because it interferes with her Kabbalah rituals], meaning it is up to tech specialist Sam to decipher the riddles by finding items around town. As Sam attempts to track down the riddling terrorist with clues from the riddles, he infuriates the mostly female population of San Diego’s Botanical Gardens by carting around a sign “Downton Abbey Sucks” and discovers a previously unrevealed Baldwin brother named Willis while attempting to get reservations at the brothers’ hip and trendy restaurant, Baldwins. But the trail finally leads to a wedding ceremony where the riddling terrorist is revealed to be Sam’s crazy ex-girlfriend who wants to begin nuptial proceedings but doesn’t yet know that Sam sent her a breakup email. Awkward.  Sam must then decide if he takes one for San Diego and marries the nutball or sticks to his email’s guns.  The answer? It’s bad news for San Diego..

The Poop and Skinny: Kabbalah doesn’t count as a religion – this was affirmed in this episode – and the maitre’d at Baldwins is a dick, but that’s okay because we receive confirmation that every maitre’d is, in fact, a dick. Conference calls can be confusing but even more confusing is how fake holophone technology could not be used to save Freddie Mercury in the Olympics closing ceremonies. Hipsters sleep at FedExKinko’sOfficeMax – if those places actually existed. Although the riddling terrorist had her way with San Diego for a few brief minutes, nobody was really worried because everybody can always go to La Jolla and the terrorists would never show up because everybody knows they have reservations at Baldwins.

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