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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Robot Town – Season 2, Episode 7

by on September 28, 2012

Synopsis: S.A.M. the robot has turned into a killer…or has he? Cue dramatic music here. Well, yeah, he has. Sorta. But there’s a good reason for it and it involves an iconic genius inventor [subtle Apple dig] and his son who was denied a loving childhood so he’s going to take it out on humans and other television shows. Bob Odenkirk – who’s got a comedy resume as long as your arm as well as the arms of probably 192 of your friends – guest stars as the son.

As Trent discovers, a trip to the dangerous Robot Town section of San Diego can be frightening for humans.

Details: The iconic genius inventor of sentient robotics is inexplicably killed by S.A.M. – and we say inexplicably because a] we can, b] robot killing clearly goes against the third law of robotics and c] there is no “i” in team. The NTSF team arrives to investigate with their “paranormalist” Agent Coyote Daniels [played by Rob Corddry – Blake from “Childrens Hospital”] and with robot suspects out of the equation, the paranormalist immediately plants suspicion on a Manimal, chupacabra, ghost, vampire or werewolf. But after Trent informs him that he killed the last Manimal three years ago and there are no puncture wounds indicative of a chupacabra attack or any actual evidence of a chupacabra being anything other than a sick coyote, that narrows it down to ghost, vampire or werewolf until Aaron Sampson – played by Bob Odenkirk and the son of the inventor – arrives and denies that an emotion chip in S.A.M. could have led S.A.M. to commit the murder of his father who never played baseball, croquet or even Jenga with him as a child. A trip to Robot Town – a particularly dangerous part of San Diego if you happen to be a human – is necessary and Trent slaloms through roving bands of robots hanging out on corners and harassing him into threatening to kill the fire hydrant drone. Finally, with information gleaned from his trip to Robot Town, Trent is convinced that Aaron is neither a ghost, vampire or werewolf but most likely a robot and cuts him with a knife to prove that he is, in fact, made of…well, never mind. Aaron is exposed as a spiteful son who dresses in suspenders and S.A.M. is exonerated.

The Poop and Skinny: First of all, Robot Town should be its own show. No questions asked – get it done between martinis, you Adult Swim executives. Second, the comedic Bob Odenkirk makes this episode worthwhile, the plot? Not so much. Third, have we mentioned Robot Town should be a show?

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