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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Prairie Dog Companion – Season 2, Episode 11

by on November 8, 2012

Synopsis: It’s the ultimate terrorist act as the southern San Diego area has had its internet disrupted by the Prairie People – a former bookstore owner [played by Hal Linden from “Barney Miller” fame] and his employees causing mayhem and people to have to speak to each other using actual words from their mouths instead of their fingers.

Sam and Jessie infiltrate the lair of nefarious former bookseller C.T. Dalton – and Sam remembers to bring the screwdriver.

Details: It’s almost 10 a.m. and no terrorist attack has yet occurred on San Diego and Kove is getting suspicious, then, at 10:01…no internet!!!  A frantic Kove announces that “all the bleep-bloops and blink-blinks have gone out” and the situation is officially categorized as a “kablongo!” Piper is most visibly distressed by this lack of internet as she goes through the several stages of grief by trying to slide the cover of a book as though it were an iPad and sniping that the people in her Twitter account “are not my friends, they’re my followers!” The cause of this technological distress is humorously named former bookstore owner C.T. Dalton [Linden], who has organized his former employees into an underground empire and masterminded the internet disruption via microwaves. His goals are small at first, but he has bigger dreams – “Today, southern San Diego. Tomorrow, La Jolla!” In another wink to the internet culture, a sock puppet is wielded by Dalton to tell the story of how he came to power and why he is sabotaging the internet of southern San Diegans. Sam and Jessie are dispatched to infiltrate the Prairie People and while Jessie is seducing Dalton, Sam throws a screwdriver in one of the microwaves to short it out. Job done, next episode.

The Poop and Skinny: Once again – it’s becoming a disturbing trend now – a good idea goes kablongo as having a 1970s star is a good idea but not followed up with comedy gold and we are left with pyrite. Linden’s presence has all sorts of possibilities [with Fish, Wojo, a precinct station house, hookers, New York at the end, etc…] but none are explored. Without his trusty GPS unit to direct him to work, Trent spends the entire episode lost, going from San Diego to Tijuana to Sasketchewan [but merely Saskatchewan, Upper Saskatchewan] and finally, New York City, where he pulls out his Charlton Heston “Planet of the Apes” moment. Also, Kove was born in a shoebox [sly Monty Python reference] – nice touch.

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