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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Lights, Camera, Assassination – Season 2, Episode 4

by on September 3, 2012

Synopsis: Somebody is killing all the directors of sequels – and taking the television and movie business of San Diego down with them! – meaning… that business could be going to Sacramento! It’s anarchy in the UK!

Another sequel means another director – am I right or am I right?

Details: The main problem with film studios these days is that they film bad sequels of films – many of which were never good in the first place. That means those bad sequels must have directors, who must, per se, be bad as well. So what’s it going to hurt if somebody offs all those directors for the good of the film-going public? Who’s it going to hurt? Exactly, right? Alistair McQueen is played by Max Greenfield [Schmidt on “New Girl”] as a British film star who both has trouble taking direction but also loves giving it. Unfortunately, while he’s working on “Stein” – the sequel to “Frankenstein”, naturally – the director seems to have suddenly found a bullet lodged in his duodenum. Normally, the NTSF staff would be all over the case but Trent hates films [and that goes double for books], Kove has a podcast [“UnderKover”] to produce and get sponsors for and Alphonse is sucked in by McQueen teaching him how to act like an NTSF agent before Trent has to issue the reminder to Alphonse that he actually is an NTSF agent. When McQueenis finally exposed – along with his secret weapon – Kove can’t nab him because “California law clearly states that movie stars can’t go to jail until their current projects are in the can”, so she exchanges his guilt for a walk-on role in his next movie instead. There, that cleans up rather nicely – plus leaves room for a sequel!

The Poop and Skinny: Kove’s podcast is supposed to cover A-list celebrity sellouts, but instead is a parade of sponsor placement announcements followed by staff revelations such as Jessie the lab geek being the product of a dysfunctional Amish family while Kove admits she is always sending Piper on dangerous assignments hoping she gets killed.  NTSF appears to be going down their list of “New Girl” cast members, so after they get CeCe and Winston out of the way in future episodes, we’ll go ahead and assume that’s about when Zooey Deschanel will be showing up for her turn – no doubt as some cute character turned sinister toward some crucial industry of San Diego like tourism or sand.

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