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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – Comic-Con Air – Season 3, Episode 1

by on July 29, 2013

Olivia Frampton [Summer Glau] tries to convince Trent about Mr. Stretch.

Olivia Frampton [Summer Glau] tries to convince Trent about Mr. Stretch.

Synopsis: Comic-Con is over for another year and NTSF:SD:SUV has been contracted to cart out the various Comic-Con convicts via their special prison transport airplane to the Comic-Con prison in San Jose.

Details: Comic-Con is over for another year and the usual Comic-Con suspects have to be deported to San Jose. NTSF:SD:SUV has been contracted to handle the removal and transport of the vicious Comic-Con convicts who include…

Olivia Frampton [Summer Glau – “Serenity”] – Fake nerd girl who seduces nerds with chunky frames, then steals their collectibles. Likes to dress up as Princess Leia.

Tavis Cose – Cheats at playing “Magic: The Gathering” tournaments.

Bob “Takahari” McLaren – Stabbed six people for saying they didn’t “get” manga.

Nate Mungus [alias Mungus the Fungus] – The world’s most notorious film leaker. Has already leaked the plot to the upcoming Justice League movie and it hasn’t even been shot yet – that’s how good he is…

Once the Comic-Con convicts – and one non-prison couple who booked the flight because of the cheap seats available on a flight full of Comic-Con criminals – are settled in, Trent and Piper find themselves in first class where Piper immediately starts popping sleeping pills for the 30-minute flight to San Jose, leaving Trent to deal with the nerdvicts.

Pop culture-deprived Trent promptly gets sucked into a diversion tactic staged by two of the nerdvicts – the classic Green Arrow vs. Incredible Hulk argument – only to find that Olivia, Tavis and the Fungus have regurgitated various metal instruments [in Fungus’ case – a straight razor] to free themselves.

Trent temporarily fights off the nerdvicts and tries to wake up and enlist the aid of the dozing Piper, but to no avail. The Fungus [Jo Lo Truglio – “Superbad”] makes it to the cockpit where he proceeds to threaten the pilot that he’ll tell him who’s playing Han Solo’s son in the new Star Wars movie unless he diverts the plane to Costa Rica.

Back at NTSF:SD:SUV headquarters, the plane has sent an alert signal and Kove [Kate Mulgrew] has determined that, despite Piper and Trent still being on board, there is no other course of action but to press the brand new “Blow Plane Up” button which has been prominently installed in the middle of NTSF HQ. Alphonse repeatedly blocks her attempts to press the button and ultimately defies his chief, causing her confusion because “normally, everybody does what I say”.

Back on the plane, Trent eventually disposes of most of the nerdvicts – including dispatching one with an impressive miniature airline bottle to the eyeball fling – only to have Takahari attack him with his fake sword. The two tumble into a pair of airline seats where Trent takes swing at Takahari but misses and punches out the window instead. Takahari is sucked out of the window but nearly everybody else is saved when a suitcase lodges itself in the window to allow the plane to regain pressure.

Kove really wants to push the "Blow Plane Up" button despite Alphonse's objections.

Kove really wants to push the “Blow Plane Up” button despite Alphonse’s objections.

But – aha! – Olivia and the Fungus are not done yet! Fungus sends Olivia to seduce Trent but the pop-culture-less Trent is unmoved just long enough to allow the flight attendant to stuff Olivia into an overhead baggage bin.

Alphonse continues to ward off Kove and the NTSF staff from pushing the “Blow Plane Up” button long enough to allow Trent to use a sleeping Piper to subdue Fungus who makes a last-ditch effort to crash the plane by switching his mobile phone’s airplane mode to “off” before Trent corrals it and switches it back.

Everybody returns safe and sound to San Jose – except for those killed or seriously injured – and the episode ends with Kove pushing the “Blow Plane Up” button anyway – killing Cose, who was trapped in his seat by manacles that he couldn’t open until the very last second.

The Poop and Skinny: Piper watches the 2012 movie “Chasing Mavericks” in her first-class seat – one of the film’s stars is Abigail Spencer, who plays the flight attendant in this episode.

Costa Rica is recognized by the Fungus as “international home for criminals”.

Karen Gillan [“Doctor Who”] has been added to the cast as Amy Pond – at least temporarily replacing Rebecca Romijn [Daisy]

Trent is so devoid of pop culture he “is not sure if Lassie is a dog or a horse”.

Olivia tries to tell Trent about this guy in the Fantastic Four but makes the mistake of calling him Mr. Stretch instead of Mr. Fantastic [alias reed Richards].

NTSF:SD:SUV opening disclaimer – “A Tony Award-winning actor will be killed – not in the show. In real life.”

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