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NTSF:SD:SUV:: Episode Recap – 16 Hop Street – Season 2, Episode 1 Recap

by on August 30, 2012

Synopsis: It’s just another normal day for the kids at Nick Cannon High School in San Diego – tweetin’, eatin’ Doritos and Monster, tweetin’ some more, checking out Facebook, downloading some iTunes, tweetin’ – when suddenly their strict American educational regimen is disrupted. Somebody is kidnapping all the rich kids! Trent and Piper go undercover to determine the culprits and discover that nothing smells like teen spirit anymore.

OMG! The rich, popular teens of San Diego are in danger! Not to worry, NTSF is on the case…wait, who’s texting about the Victoria’s Secret sale?

Details: NTSF has a daunting assignment – how to make the popular and wealthy kids of Nick Cannon HS rest easy so they can resume their strict educational curriculum of Introduction to Hippie Music and Advanced Marijuana Testing Procedures that prepares them for entry into the best colleges in America. Piper decides that the best way to achieve this is to first go undercover as the social outcast, but when that is not producing the desired results, morphs into the popular high school cheerleader to snag the wealthy quarterback football star [a likely target of the insidious, nefarious international organization that must be behind this evil scheme]. Trent, meanwhile, decides to scour the bathrooms – as everyone knows that high school bathrooms are virtual havens of information that you either want to know, don’t want to know or have to wait five minutes for the conversation to get to the part that you want to know. We subsequently find out that information we didn’t even need to know and one kid evaporates because his mom fails to kiss her boyfriend, wiping out his future existence and all that without having to pay royalties to Michael J. Fox – sweet!

The main plot twists involve a requirement to know a certain Nirvana song title, where the National Hockey League team called the Senators plays and Nick Cannon HS allows both handguns and graffiti [well, maybe “allows” is too generous, perhaps “overlooks” might be better]. All you really need to know is that, now that kickball is a varsity sport at Nick Cannon HS, the rich and popular teens of San Diego will be safe for weeks to come.

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