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Newsweek Names Steve Jobs, John Lasseter in List of 50 Most Powerful People for 2009

by on December 22, 2008

Newsweek‘s cover story “The Story of Power” contains their “highly subjective list of the most powerful people who will figure in the era over which [US President Barack] Obama will preside.” Sitting at #34 and #35, respectively, are Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and co-founder of Pixar, and John Lasseter, chief creative officer at Disney/Pixar. Lasseter is named for his success at turning Pixar from an independent animation studio into a critical and popular success story, and the prospect of movies’ resiliency in tough economic situations. Jobs is named for Apple Computer’s dominance over the iPod and iPhone markets, but he has also set industry trends with video for sale or rent on the iTunes store and is also currently the Walt Disney Company’s largest shareholder and a member of the Board of Directors.

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