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February 2001
Kids' WB! May Order Fry's
Thurs., Feb. 15, 2001 2:34

Comics2Film reports that Michael Fry (co-creator of the comic strip Over The Hedge) commented that a pilot was produced for one of his older strips, When I Was Short for Warner Bros Television Animation.

"We're on a short list for midseason replacement for WB Kids! Saturday morning," Fry stated. "We should know by March 15."

In related news, Fry mentioned that Nelvana is developing his comic strip Committed as an animated TV series for the Fox Family Channel.

"Nelvana has delivered three finished Committeds to Fox Family with ten more on the way," Fry said. "We have no set air date yet, but FFC is talking about March or maybe April or maybe early Summer. CTV in Canada is set to begin airing Committed March 10, at 7:00 PM Eastern."

But the biggest news for fans of Michael Fry and T. Lewis's comic strip "Over The Hedge" is that "the concept has been picked up by Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks to be developed by Pacific DataImages (PDI). Over The Hedge would be an all-CGI movie like PDI's Antz and the soon-to-be-released Shrek."

"Jim Cox (FernGully) is still producing, but now with his wife Penney Finkelman Cox (Antz, Prince of Egypt) on board as well," Fry told Comics2Film. "We're in a race against the strike to get a writer putting a script together based on an original story by myself, T Lewis and Jim Cox."

The movie had originally been set up at Fox Family Films. However, that studio put the movie into turnaround. "Things look much more promising at Dreamworks," Fry said.
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