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This New Voltron Clip Is Slightly Educational

by on October 11, 2017

Hey Kids — wanna learn where milkshakes come from? Netflix has a new clip from the upcoming season of Voltron out today…dare to watch?

Coran and Allura would like a milkshake, but they have no idea how to make such a thing. The furthest they can get is to approach a cow and try to convince it to produce one. Having failed at this, they call on Lance for help. What follows is one of the most dramatic animated scenes ever seen on television.

Voltron’s third season had some pretty serious and dire situations, but people are now claiming this clip proves we’re in for some lighter comedic moments. Excuse me, but did anything about this feel “light” to you? The horrified faces, the threatening closeups of Lance’s fingers, the expression of implied perverse pleasure on the part of the cow — this is the darkest scene Voltron has ever produced! I’m not sleeping tonight at all.

As for when you’ll get to see the episode that clip came from (assuming you have the guts to), Voltron’s fourth season — consisting of six episodes — will go live on Netflix two days from now, October 13. Until then, don’t drink unpasteurized milk.
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