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New “Pokemon: I Choose You” Trailer Brings The Nostalgia

by on March 1, 2017

Last year, the 20th animated Pokemon movie, “I Choose You,” was announced on the occasion of Pokemon’s 20th birthday. (The franchise is now 21.) The anniversary movie was revealed as a remake of the very first Poke-animation ever: the anime’s first episode. At the time it was announced all we had were a couple screenshots and drawings; now we have the first full trailer. Check it out!

One big question we’re left with after watching this is just how many of the early anime episodes will be adapted. Several scenes from the first episode (which was also called “I Choose You”) are instantly recognizable: Pikachu refusing to go into the ball, Ash having to drag him along, the attacking flock of Spearows, etc. But since that episode was only 22 minutes in length, this can’t be all there is. Will other episodes be adapted into the movie, or will a lot of padding be added to this one?

Also of note: for one second we see the scene of Ash carrying the injured Pikachu in the rain. In the anime he is riding Misty’s bike and Pikachu is in the basket. No bike here. Does this mean Misty’s been wiped from the story? Hopefully not.

We do get the Ho-Oh scene here, and he flies a LOT closer to Ash than he did in the original. Pokemon: I Choose You will be released to Japanese theaters July 15; a US release is unconfirmed.

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