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New "Loonatics" Designs, Voice Cast Unveiled

by on June 6, 2005

ImageWarner Bros. has released new concept art for its controversial Loonatics series. The new artwork keeps the color schemes for the characters but discards the angular and slightly menacing look for something that has a bit more anime styling to it. Additionally, the network seems to be making it clear that the series is “inspired by” the classic cartoons and that the characters are descendants — not reworked versions of the originals — presumably due to the protest of the characters’ styles. Additionally, as noted before, the name of Buzz Bunny has been changed to Ace Bunny, due to the name “Buzz Bunny” already being used for a decidedly maturely rated product. As stated in the Loonatics press release, the characters get their powers from “cosmic dust.”

The voice cast and lineup for the series has also been announced, featuring veteran US voice actors for the main roles and a healthy dose of guest stars that range from stage and screen actors (Tim Curry, Vivica A. Fox, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Florence Henderson) to industry veterans (Tom Kenny and Phil LaMarr).

The Loonatics, along with the characters that inspired them, are as follows:

Ace Bunny (ancestor: Bugs Bunny/voice: Charlie Schlatter): quick witted leader who has martial arts and “laser-lock vision”

Lexi Bunny (ancestor: Lola Bunny/voice: Jessica DiCicco): second in command who can blast things with her mind and has hyper hearing

Danger Duck (ancestor: Daffy Duck/voice: Jason Marsdsen): arrogant duck who resents Ace and wants to lead the team: can teleport and toss “magical energy spheres”

Spaz B. Wilde (ancestor: Tasmanian Devil/voice: Kevin Michael Richardson): the destruction expert who can destroy things with deadly tornadoes and super strength

Rev Runner (ancestor: Road Runner/voice: Rob Paulsen): a super fast talker who has embedded GPS technology and the ability to race at superspeeds

Tech E. Coyote (ancestor: Wile E. Coyote/voice: Kevin Michael Richardson): supergenius who is the team’s gadget guru — also has regenerative abilities, electromagnetic powers, and “mechanical mastery”

Zadavia (voice: Candi Milo): the mentor of the Loonatics who sends them out on missions

Loonatics will premiere this fall on Kids WB.

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