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New "Birdman" Pans When He Can’t Get A Tan

by on May 3, 2004

A new Sunday brings a new Harvey Birdman and a new batch of quick reviews. In “SPF,” Harvey is hired by Dingaling, who tries to set up a website for his fans and is upset to find that a porn site is already squatting on the domain name. (Hmmm. Toon Zone knows what that’s like. Sympathies, Dingaling.) But even as he battles the porn merchant, Harvey must battle an addiction to tanning cream.

SPFKarl Olson
Between a plot involving internet porn and drug addiction (complete with a “very special” PSA at the end), “SPF” should have been a slam dunk, right? Right?

Wrong. It’s got the material, but the execution falls flat. Birdman turning tricks to buy tanning cream should be funny–but it’s not. An intervention hosted by people who are largely themselves addicted to one thing or another should be funny–but it’s not. Breaking the fourth wall to take a shot at the old NBC “The More You Know” public service announcements should be funny–but it’s not. This kind of thing happens again and again through out the episode. Even the running gags (Pervy Peter Potumus, all things being “an AOL/Time Warner Company,” Mightor making quick-cut references to one’s manhood) fall flat because the rest of the episode isn’t carrying them.

Dark Spider
“SPF” doesn’t hit the highs sustained by “Devlin Made Me Do It,” but it will wash the bad taste of “High Speed Buggy Chase” out of your mouth. The story isn’t very sustained and the jokes are hit and miss, but enough find their mark to make to this a fairly enjoyable episode.

“SPF” debuts Sunday, May 9, at 11:30pm (ET/PT) on Cartoon Network.

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