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Netflix Releases First Punisher Teaser — Watch It Here

by on August 18, 2017

Now that The Defenders are here to wipe out organized crime in New York City, is there need for anyone else? Wait…who’s that unshaven guy with the Uzi and the skull T-shirt?

When you finish The Defenders you’ll be able to watch the very first trailer for The Punisher’s solo series in a post-credits sequence. You can wait until then or you can just watch it right now on YouTube, or from one of the many Twitter accounts that are posting the video. (We have posted three sources in case any of them are removed.) The teaser contains no spoilers for anything that happens in The Defenders, so knock yourself out.

You can already get the sense that this will be Netflix’s darkest Marvel series to date, which is to be expected. The Punisher isn’t exactly a HERO — he fights crime, but with the use of heavy artillery. As the trailer implies, he fell off the deep end when his family was murdered, and now he’s a one-man killing machine with revenge on his mind who likes to hammer his “skull” logo into concrete with sledgehammers while yelling with rage.

Netflix still hasn’t announced when Marvel’s The Punisher will be available to stream. If the pattern that the previous releases have followed holds, though, you can expect it in November.
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