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Netflix Plans To Make 30 Anime Shows By 2019

by on October 16, 2017

Can Netflix go from one or two original anime productions to over two dozen in the span of one year? Can one island nation handle thirty Neo Yokios?

The world’s most iconic streaming service (so far) held an investor’s call this morning where Ted Sarandos, the company’s chief of content, revealed his extremely ambitious plans of expansion. Netflix suits have spoken before about a desire to hold a library of 50% original content; today we got an idea of what that looks like.

“This past quarter we released eight original films,” Sarandos said. “We plan on about 80 coming up next year. And they range anywhere from the million dollar Sundance hit all the way up to something on a much larger scale, like we’re seeing on Bright, which will be at the end of this year and Irishman, which is with Martin Scorsese, that should be in early 2019.”

But there’s more. Sarandos doesn’t want to be the dominant entertainment force in just America, nah, that’s small time. He wants Netflix to be huge around the world, with original content produced in every major country. That means he’s making major investments in Japan to bring forth 30 anime shows in a short span of time. Many of these are in production now, but Sarandos did not speak specifics for any of them. As of today Netflix boasts two anime originals, one of which (Neo Yokio) got some media attention, though not always for positive reasons. Reaction to the show remains mixed, especially with Jaden Smith involved.

30 Japanese animated shows are just the beginning; Netflix also plans to break into Bollywood. But none of this will translate into a higher bill anytime soon, says Netflix CFO David Wells. “There’s no timing correlation between our intent to grow content and to grow content spending and the price increases.” Besides, they just raised prices a couple weeks ago.
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