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NekoCon 2013: The Wrapup and Photo Gallery

by on November 19, 2013


No Face has gifts

Wow, it’s already been more than two weeks since Nekocon ended? Time does fly sometimes. So where was I at last update? Friday, right. Well I doubt it comes as any surprise that the feature event of Saturday was the Jonathan Coulton concert. It was a lot of fun, though surprisingly not safe for work. Seriously, unless your workplace is particularly lenient, don’t play “First of May” particularly loudly. That could make for a very uncomfortable meeting with the boss. Sadly I missed his most well-known song, “Code Monkey,” due to a mix-up concerning the not-posted-anywhere no bags policy.

The rest of Saturday was more normal convention stuff. Lots and lots of panels. Panels on the various archetypes of anime villains. Panels on Hayao Miyazaki. Panels made up of people trying to become panelists. Panels involving various aspects of the geek comedy community. And lots of general wander and hangout time. Thankfully the weather that made Friday kind of a moist, windy, cold mess had moved out, leaving just wind. Not as windy as, say, Katsucon 2011 when some of the cosplayers had their costumes torn up, but still rather blustery.

There was also adult beverage time in the hotel because, well, it was free. So free in fact that the hotel ran completely out of rum. Apparently there were lots of pirates at the con. In fact, there was also a Pirates versus Ninjas panel on Saturday as well. Apparently Ninjas had better food, and Pirates had better drinks, which might be why all of the rum was gone but not all of the food, since Hampton is home to far more Pirates than Ninjas. Also, Uncle Yo is a very, very funny man who is very good at making funny facial expressions. It makes a lot more sense in person, really.


+2 Comedy waiting for their panel time.

So that was Saturday. Sunday is where things get…different. Normally con Sunday has a couple of early panel sessions and then everything is done by 3 to 4 in the afternoon. That part did happen. The odd part comes after all of that wrapped up. As best I recall it involved yet more adult beverage time in the hotel with a rotating list of convention staff people, and it eventually ended with a large number of us camping out in the hotel’s pool/hot tub area for several hours. It should be noted that I was long checked out of the hotel at that point, so I was really stretching the limit of what “hotel guest” meant, but it was all in good fun. Sunday also feature the previous night’s headliner lining up with the rest of the hoi polloi for the breakfast buffet. How often do you see a fairly major musical guest standing around in the omelet line?

It is a very strange sensation to be sitting around in a hot tub with people you only kinda know at 10pm when you really should have long since been headed home. Fun, but very strange, especially when “dinner” consisted of potato chips and carrots.

So that marked the eventual end of a very long, unusual but ultimately both rewarding and exhausting weekend, and the end of the convention year. By the time of the next convention, it will be 2014. Hunh, that’s kinda scary and thrilling to think about.

Also, there were stormtroopers.




Looking back at the convention center through the fountains.


More of the fountains. Yes, they are green.


Podcasting with +2 Comedy and Charles Dunbar


So so so many costumes on Saturday


More Stormtroopers…heads anyway.


More from Comedy Night


Mascot dance/drum line post-opening ceremonies.



Dance the day away



Very long dance line


Reg line + dealer’s room + Artist’s Alley = full hallway



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