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NekoCon 2013 Friday/Saturday: Who Ordered the Squalls?

by on November 12, 2013

No, not the Final Fantasy VII character, actual rain/wind lines. It’s very very wet down here. Surprisingly so, since theoretically it wasn’t supposed to rain today. But regardless of the weather, it’s an anime con, so that makes it all good. And, this being an anime con, there’s lots of things related to anime, and non-anime animation, and video games, and “I don’t know what that is but cool!” So far not a whole lot of really old school costumes, but I guess that’s to be expected. Not too many cat people so far. Odd, being that this is “Cat Convention.” Hopefully no one will bring an actual cat with them as that would be rather abusive of the cat.

Also unusual: there were some actual convention events Thursday night. OK, well not so much “events” as a couple of panels and a stand-up comedy set from Uncle Yo and several of the VA guests. Mostly, Uncle Yo and the VA guests actually spent most of the time for stand-up in a screening of “Pacific Rim”. Once they did get out they had some neat things to say. In particular one of them was a part of the PC Cowboys music act, though I’m assuming the name is purely satirical as they are definitely not PC.

Ok, so that was Fri…err…Thursday. Sorry, time is getting to be a bit of a theoretical construct rather than a real thing. I suppose that’s both good and bad. Friday featured….rain. Lots and lots of rain. Rain of all different kinds coming from all different directions, as it was rather windy to boot. There’s also been an interesting, almost professorial bent to a lot of the paneling so far. Not that there’s anything wrong with a good ol’ fashioned fun panel, and given that I run one I shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds, but being able to have fun and expand one’s mind is a good thing.

Of course it’s also nice to have fun, and Friday featured both the primary run of the AMV showing and yet more stand-up comedy with the Hampton Roads Geek Comics, +2 Comedy and Uncle Yo. So so not safe for children, or most work places, but it was quite funny. Also fun was hanging out with Uncle Yo after the comedy set out in the lobby, enjoying some drinks and good conversation. Hopefully the rest of NekoCon will feature much more of that, and much less of rain and bad planning.

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