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"Najica Blitz Tactics": Fanservice Maneuver 4A

by on October 11, 2004

Najica Hiragi is the world’s foremost perfume designer. With an uncanny sense of smell, she is in search of the final scent to cap off CRI’s line of perfume. She’d be able to do that if she wasn’t constantly being sent across the world on spy missions that would make James Bond proud. Paired up with a naïve android, will Najica be able to complete her missions… in style?

ImageEpisodes included on this disc
Episode 1: “A Magnificent Secret Agent with a Rose in Her Hand”
Episode 2: “A Pretty Partner with a Gun in her Hands”
Episode 3: “Ugly Relics in the Jet Black Darkness”
Episode 4: “The Fictitious Star with a Sweet Trap-like Perfume”

It took me forever to track down this disc, at least the one released with the box. The “James Bond in a Skirt” vibe it gave off caught my interest. Heck, the allure of not being able to find it at Best Buy alone drove me nuts, and solidified my drive to find it elsewhere.

Najica Hiragi is a super-spy, reminiscent of Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid (okay, technically, he wasn’t a super-spy, but she does have the mullet going on) and, of course, 007. She’s never had to have a partner before, but things change when she comes home from a routine “Save The Kidnapping Victim” mission with Lila, an emotionless, quiet girl, in tow. Turns out that Lila is a Humaritt—an android who looks perfectly like a human being. But it turns out that the Humaritts, at least Lila, have one major flaw.

They’re dumb as bricks. Well, dumb may not be the right word, but they sure are naive. It isn’t long before Lila, who is essentially a child, starts seriously getting on Najica’s nerves.

Together, the pair go on missions to stop a sniper, defeat a hypnotic girl pop band, and fend off a rich man with a plane obsession. The missions are your standard spy fare, with one twist.

Apparently Najica’s never heard of PANTS. Seriously, I don’t think I saw one female person on this show wear pants, or shorts, or even skorts. They’re all skirts. Which is half of the equation that makes up Najica Blitz Tactics. This show has fanservice left and right. Camera angles tend to be low, skirts tend to be high, and male minds tend to be blown from the amount of gratuitous shots there are.

The action is pretty nice, and the plot is pretty decent at this point. I have a feeling they’ll go into the reasons as to why they keep on tracking down Humaritts… at least I hope they explain why.

I grabbed the first disc with the box to hold the other two, so I got a super-special and super-disturbing bonus in the box. But first, the on-disc extras. Clean opening and clean closing are what you expect. The Japanese promo spot is on here next to multitudes of ADV previews. Production sketches are nice, but they would have been better actually printed in the insert, which is rather lacking. There’s also a commentary on “Ugly Relics in the Jet Black Darkness.” I’m usually one BEGGING for commentaries, but Kira Vincent Davis (Najica) and Monica Rial (Lila) are, well… crazy hyper. They’re either talking about panties or… talking about panties.

And that brings me to the final, in-box bonus. A pair of white cotton panties, labeled “Najica Blitz Tactics.”

Do not even assume I have the capacity to actually review that as an extra.

Najica Blitz Tactics is an interesting show. It’s part James Bond, with the gunplay and secret missions and part just fun, what with the ridiculous amounts of fanservice, Lila’s naïveté, and so forth. I think the series pulls of a great balance, and can’t wait to embark on my mission to track down Volume 2.

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