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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – “Lesson Zero” Recap

by on October 19, 2011

Hyper-organized Twilight Sparkle panics when she mistakenly omits writing her weekly friendship letter to the princess from her daily checklist. She then sets off on a quest to find someone in need of a friend
so she can learn her weekly lesson. When Twilight Sparkle finds she can’t accomplish that, she attempts to create a problem that she can solve.

we have the third episode of the second season. Or the first in some
ponies minds. I’m not going to argue over technicalities.
However, I will say that this episode felt like the first episode of
a new season, and I mean that in the best of ways. The episode starts
strong with a beautiful and well done set up. Twilight comes off as
overly organized but not in a way that’s out of character. And Spike
comes off as an excellent main character rather than a side
character. I have no complaints with the setup.

we get to the part where Twilight panics and runs off to find a
problem to solve. Of course there are no problems to be found and
it’s a peaceful day. Twilight slowly gets more and more stressed over
the situation while her friends laugh away the problem as no big
deal. All combined with Twilight’s usual overreacting over how the
princess will react. Until finally, she snaps.

found the characters to all be well played and in character with
almost no exception. The animation, visuals, and pacing were all
great. The episode also employed a superb and original technique to
show time slowly pass for the day, which I loved. Unfortunately the
episode isn’t without its flaws. It exaggerates certain elements for
comedic effect. Which in concept is fine, but in this episode it
causes a running gag involving Rarity that is just out of character
for her. Although it was still funny. The exaggeration is taken too
far at several other minor spots as well and it caused some of the
humor to come off as forced. Also, it felt off when Twilight finally snapped, like the reason behind it wasn’t strong enough for the reaction.
But I suppose it was necessary for the episode to reach its climax,
and it was well-played once added.

all leads to an ending that I found even better and stronger than the
episode’s beginning was. The moral to the story was nice. And
something wonderful was setup involving the friendship letters, thus
allowing for more creative freedom in the future. Ultimately this is
a great and well done episode with only some problems, all of which
stem from the same source. Next time they just need to let things
flow more naturally rather than forcing in some of the comedy. And
then I’ll have no complaints. I highly recommend this episode.

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