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Muslim Group Posts Warning to "South Park" Creators; 201st Episode Censored

by on April 22, 2010

The Hollywood Reporter reports that a U.S. Muslim group issued death threats to South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone over last week’s 200th episode where the Prophet Mohammad was depicted in a bear outfit.

The threat was posted on the website RevolutionMuslim.com, which has been taken down after what site owners described as a traffic overload. The site had posted a link to a news article with details of a mansion in Colorado that the two men reportedly own, as well as the offices of Comedy Central and South Park’s production office. The site also used a graphic photo of slain Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, warning Stone & Parker that “they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh for airing this show.”

Parker, Stone, and Comedy Central have not issued any comment.

UPDATED April 22, 2010: The Hollywood Reporter is stating that the 201st episode of South Park, which continued the storyline of the 200th episode, was censored by Comedy Central as a result of RevolutionMuslim’s death threats, replacing Mohammad with Santa Claus in a bear suit and censoring other mentions of Mohammad in the episode. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Some of the changes came at the behest of Stone and Parker. Others were decisions coming from Comedy Central’s standards department,” while CNN quotes a Comedy Central representative as saying, “Comedy Central was responsible for the bleeps and not showing Mohammed in last night’s episode.” The episode is also currently unavailable at the SouthParkStudios.com website, replaced with a message stating, “We do not have network approval to stream our original version of the show.”

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