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MLP: Friendship is Magic “The Last Roundup” Recap

by on January 28, 2012

leaving for the rodeo Applejack sends a letter saying she won’t be
returning and offers no reason why. Worried, her friends leave in
search of her.

Last Roundup” focuses on Applejack. This will certainly please many fans, myself included, although I will admit that Applejack is my least favorite of the six main characters. She’s a great character but that’s true for all of them, so it can be hard to choose. Anyways,
Applejack is a hard working, athletic, and very down to Earth pony.
She lives with her family at Sweet Apple Acres, which is also where
she works planting and harvesting apples. Applejack is honest, loyal,
humble, always seems to have just the right words when you need
advice, and is rather too perfect at times. Of course she does have
her weaknesses, namely a high level of competitiveness and stubbornness. My hope
was this episode would expand her character more and help her not come across as so overly perfect. It delivered there, as her motive for not returning home is rather foolish. Her motive is rather predictable, but it does make sense for her character.

episode starts off with Applejack
running solo through an obstacle course as her little sister cheers
her on. She is training for the
rodeo, and it’s also quickly explained that she has more Blue Ribbons than anyone else in Ponyville. Apple Bloom pridefully says she can’t wait for her big sister to obtain
more Blue Ribbons than anyone else in Equestria. Applejack just
blushes and the show fades to the title sequence. After that, we have a
short scene where Rainbow Dash has difficulty doing some work to repair Town Hall. Then the mayor
gives a speech and introduces Applejack, who has decided to give her prize money to help repair Town Hall and
promises to make everypony in Ponyville proud. With that,
Applejack says her goodbyes and leaves for the rodeo in Canterlot.
From there the show goes straight to some time later, with her friends
setting up a surprise party for her return with excited anticipation.
They get in position and yell SURPRISE! But not to Applejack, instead it’s to a pony who is delivering a letter from Applejack (a
pony I feel sorry for, since it actually was his birthday. At least he
got some cake!). All the letter from Applejack says is that she isn’t
coming home and will send money soon. Worried as to the reason behind the letter, Applejack’s five best
friends set out to find her. But even after they find her Applejack refuses to reveal her reason, so her friends become determined to find out.

It was
great to see Applejack have a real conflict in her life, which is
something I haven’t seen for awhile. Regardless of how predictable it
was, her motive behind refusing to return makes sense especially with
all the pressure that was put on her prior to leaving for the rodeo.
I loved when Pinkie Pie freaked out when Applejack broke her Pinkie
Promise, not only was it hilarious but Pinkie Pie was also kinda
scary. When it comes to Pinkie Pie, she was deliberately used in this
episode as an attempt to annoy Applejack into revealing her motive
for not returning to Ponyville. I’m not sure what to make of
that. It certainly is true that Pinkie Pie can be annoying at times,
but she’s never before been so deliberately on the show. All things
considered I hope it’s a side of her character that is never
overplayed. ‘The Last Roundup’ also had an excellent chase scene and
a nice parody.

Another aspect of this episode which must be mentioned
is Derpy. Now Derpy is a character on the show who is a running gag,
appearing Where’s Waldo style in practically every episode of season
two. In this episode however Derpy got a much more substantial role,
including several lines of dialogue, which is certain to both please
many fans and annoy many others who would rather have Derpy remain more
of a background character. Although I can’t say for sure, my guess
would be that those behind this show gave her more of a role in part
to test the waters and see how the fans would react. Regardless, I
personally liked the scene as every character on the show should have
full personalities, including characters with enough fans such as
Derpy. I also don’t care whether or not Derpy gets to be more of a
character on the show, as long as the character is well played I’m
fine with that. However, it does seem like Derpy could easily get
very annoying in large doses.

after finding Applejack and getting the truth out of her, the lesson
of the day is not to run away from your problems but instead to run
to your friends and family. I really like that lesson. I’ve heard of
not running away before, but never where to run to. After the lesson there is one final scene which wraps everything up beautifully. As usual I
fully recommend this episode to fans and new viewers. It’s another solid one. And I’m glad they made another Applejack focused episode, it
was worth the wait.

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