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MLP: Friendship is Magic “The Cutie Pox” Recap

by on November 14, 2011

shifty means Apple Bloom obtains a Cutie Mark and is overjoyed. Her
joy however soon turns to panic as she gains more and more Cutie
Marks at an alarming rate.

week’s episode was an exceptional one that made my 2nd favorite
character (Rarity) into my most favorite. I am well aware that “Sisterhooves Social” was a unique event where I really connected with that character, so I won’t hold this episode to a new higher standard; I’ll be very impressed if this show can make me feel that way again with another character. And so I hold “The Cutie Pox” up to the
same standards that I usually hold this show up to, which are already high since this is a show which I expect a lot from. The
first thing that struck me as great about this episode was the
premise, which I find quite original. It can be taken
in nearly any direction and it makes you wonder what exactly happens.
That just leaves the question…how well does this episode play with its
creative idea? Let’s find out.

set up for this episode shows another failed attempt by the Cutie
Mark Crusaders at gaining their Cutie Marks. I found this set up
funny and a great way of introducing those three characters to anyone
who doesn’t yet know about them. After the failed attempt Apple Bloom
is depressed and wanders off alone into the forest. She trips and injures herself, at which point she encounters Zecora. Zecora mixes up a
potion which heals the injury, and Apple Bloom is soon amazed by all the
potions she has in her house. She wonders if there’s one that can help her get her
Cutie Mark, and she secretly gives one a try despite Zecora’s warning that a potion is not the way. At school the next day Apple Bloom walks by with her head held
high, sporting a Cutie Mark and showing off her “special talent” to everyone at school. Everything goes great until a second Cutie Mark appears. At first Apple Bloom is surprised and takes the opportunity to show off around Ponyville, but this doesn’t last. Things go bad when Apple Bloom gets even more Cutie
Marks and discovers she can’t stop using any of the talents they
come with. The condition is revealed to be the Cutie Pox, a
old plague with no known cure. As a last resort, the adults decide to go to Zecora, the only one who may know how to help.

The first
thing I looked at in this episode is the same thing I always first
look at, the characters. Once again, the show did a perfect job of
having unique and well-played characters. Apple Bloom was the perfect
choice for the pony that messes around with Zecora’s potions. Sweetie
Belle would never do anything like that without peer pressure
involved, nor could I see Scootaloo freely choosing to do such a
thing. But Apple Bloom is by far the most desperate of the group to
get her Cutie Mark. It was also great to see more of Zecora. The
comedy in this episode was also well done and quite funny, all
attempts at humor worked perfectly.

it comes to flaws, there were none to be found. I
watched this episode and then examined it again, and once again I found nothing to complain about. The only
thing someone might bring up is the fact that each new Cutie Mark
gave Apple Bloom a new ability. An actual Cutie Mark will appear based on the Pony’s ability, not the other way around. But, since the Cutie Pox
is a sickness and the Cutie Marks from it are fakes, I wouldn’t
expect them to follow the normal rules of Cutie Marks. “The Cutie
Pox” is a great solid episode. I found it no better or worse than
what I normally expect from this show, which is a lot.

I loved the ending, it was the
funniest part and the lesson was a good one that amounted to a bit more than “just be patient.” The whole
episode was just so much fun to watch. It’s amazing how well thought
out and refined almost every episode of this show is. “The Cutie Pox” is welcome addition to the show and fans
should be pleased. It’s also not a bad starting point for
those new to the show, so I gladly recommend this episode.

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