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MLP: Friendship is Magic “Read It and Weep” Recap

by on February 14, 2012

Dash discovers the joy of reading while confined in the hospital, but
is scared to admit it after having previously said that reading is only
for eggheads.

It and Weep” starts with a unique approach when Rainbow Dash gets injured off screen while her friends are watching. The episode proceeds to showing Rainbow Dash in the hospital, where the doctor tells her that she’ll be stuck there for a few days. Rainbow is horrified, but Twilight Sparkle quickly comes up with a solution in the form of a book. However Rainbow comments that reading is for eggheads, prompting her friends to say a bunch of good things about reading. Anyhow, soon they leave and Rainbow Dash’s boredom eventually gets her to try reading the book. She instantly
relates to the main character, Daring Do, and falls in love with the
book as well as reading in general. Rainbow tries to hide this
from her friends as she continues reading, and when she’s discharged from the hospital she’s determined to finish the last chapter without having to admit she likes the book. The episode goes back and forth between that plot
and the story in the book, which is completely a parody of
Indiana Jones. It has some plotholes, but if that really concerns you
then you’ve missed the point.

am impressed by how nicely the episode pulled off the two plots, as well as how Rainbow’s plot eventually mirrored the book. The Daring Do
segments are wonderfully hilarious, though the Rainbow Dash segments failed to impress up until one of the last scenes. Surprisingly
the episode falls short on the dialogue, one of the fundamental aspects that it almost always gets perfect. Except for Rainbow Dash herself all of the characters just felt off. It was as if the script for the episode was written and then animated before going through the final editing phase. The dialogue felt forced at times, such as when Rainbow’s friends all praise reading. It’s not that
they wouldn’t say that kind of thing it’s that the words they
used just didn’t match the way they usually talk. It was
incredibly annoying and took a lot away from the episode.

is an episode I had been eagerly awaiting since I first heard of its
premise, but it was nowhere near as as good as I’d hoped. Daring’s plot was fantastic and Rainbow’s plot hit a high point near the end, so at least I wasn’t left disappointed. It was good, but not great, so I wouldn’t recommend this episode except to fans. It’s enjoyable enough to be worth watching at least once, but there isn’t much to it and I know the show can be much better than this

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