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MLP Friendship is Magic “Ponyville Confidential” Recap

by on May 10, 2012

Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo in yet another attempt to discover
their Cutie Marks, end up writing for their school newspaper’s gossip
column. But they end up taking the gossiping too far.

three fillies Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are best
friends and together have formed a group known as the Cutie Mark
Crusaders. The point of their group is to discover their Cutie Marks,
a symbol which represents their true calling in life. This time, they’re trying their hoofs at being journalists for their school’s paper ‘The
Foal Free Press’. Although I have nothing against them I’m not really the biggest fan of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, but I must admit that I love the premise as there’s so much fun you can have with a gossip column. I found this episode quite entertaining, but not spectacular.

idea that they should try being journalists comes from Apple Bloom,
who near the episode’s beginning gives her friends a copy of the newspaper
and says she’s found the solution to their problems. At first her
friends misunderstand what she means, but once
that’s figured out they join the school’s newspaper team.
Unfortunately they face their first major hurdle right away, as their
archenemy Diamond Tiara is assigned the paper’s new Editor-in-Chief. Diamond Tiara immediately takes charge, assigns the Cutie Mark
Crusaders as reporters, and sends them out to find some juicy
stories. Each one of the three go off to find a story, facing
embarrassment along the way. Sadly their stories fail to impress
Diamond Tiara, who wants more “juicy” stories. The girls are
uncertain what to do, until Sweetie Belle discovers a couple of ponies
in a rather embarrassing situation and decides to turn it into a
story. It works big time. The newspaper finally starts gaining some
popularity, the two cover story ponies are loving their newfound
attention, and Diamond Tiara is so pleased she promotes the Crusaders from journalists to gossip columnists.

And they couldn’t
be happier. Also they sign the story under the name Gabby Gums, since
they couldn’t fit all three of their names on the column. After that
they briefly struggle to find another story, until Rarity discovers the paper and finds “Gabby Gum” to be hilarious. That’s when the Crusaders decide to expand their horizons and write
gossip about every pony in Ponyville. As expected, everything goes great at first and the paper gains a lot of popularity, even spreading further than just Ponyville. But things don’t stay perfect for long, as eventually the Cutie Mark Crusaders begin to tire of gossip as guilt
sets in that they may be hurting others’ feelings. However, they
decide to give the ponies what they want and keep gossiping. That’s when things take a turn for the worse in an unsurprising plot twist, when they start making up lies as well and ponies begin to be hurt by the gossip. Things reach the epitome of bad for the Cutie Mark
Crusaders when Rarity discovers Sweetie Belle’s connection to Gabby
Gums, and the whole town of Ponyville shuns the three fillies.

Confidential’ is an entertaining and well-made episode with no real
technical or storytelling flaws. I
enjoyed Big Macintosh getting some substantial dialogue, despite it
only being done for the humor. Twilight Sparkle putting up a force
field was cool and it was nice they were able to successfully fit so many
ponies into one episode, including all six main ponies, without
anything feeling cramped. My favorite part would have to be when
Rarity was scolding her sister and glossed over how she did her own snooping, even if it was on a much smaller scale. She made her sister feel guilty while still offering great advice. So ladylike, and very much like Rarity.

The lies and stories from “Gabby Gums” about the six ponies were rather expected, which is the biggest problem with the episode. I
have fond memories of this show taking ideas I’ve seen before but
playing them out with the right twists and style to make it stay fresh, but while this episode is well done it feels like something I’ve seen plenty of times. Nothing really surprised me. Still, it is entertaining
nonetheless, and I recommend it for at least one watch. The lesson of
the episode was presented in a unique way and Diamond Tiara’s
comeuppance was nice as always. I enjoyed this and I look
forward to the next episode.

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