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MLP: Friendship is Magic “It’s About Time” Recap

by on March 17, 2012

Sparkle receives an incomplete warning from her future self and
drives herself crazy trying to prevent an unknown disaster before it

love the premise of this episode; I half expected Twilight to
end up messing with time travel sooner or later and wondered what
would happen when she finally did. The result is entertaining and so
typical of Twilight. She’s incredibly book smart and hyper-organized, so much so that she easily snaps when
she’s off schedule and deeply overreacts to situations out of her element.
Those traits make her a rather annoying character on occasion, but despite that Twilight’s character intrigues me. She’s by far the most powerful among her friends and possesses magic she neither fully understands nor controls, however she’s dedicated to slowly but steadily figuring it out. Beyond Twilight this episode focuses on two other characters, her assistant Spike (a young dragon) and Pinkie Pie, who seems to be
getting a lot of screen time lately. Pinkie’s a great character and
all, but I think the other main ponies need a turn, considering that Pinkie had an important role in the last two episodes also.
Overall this is not an exceptional episode of Friendship is magic, but it’s good and well worth watching.

About Time” begins with a very brief scene where Spike is dreaming about his two favorite things: Rarity and ice
cream. It’s entertaining, although Rarity being in it feels out of place; it’d work better to give attention to Spike’s crush on her in an episode where Rarity plays a role in the plot. Still, the ice cream
aspect fits since Spike seems to be addicted to it throughout the episode. Spike is unintentionally woken
in the middle of the night by Twilight, who’s pacing
and half panicking. Her reason? She just finished her schedule for the
month but forgot to schedule time to make her schedule for next
month. Yeah…she has issues. Anyway, next morning Twilight finally
finishes her schedule and then receives a visit from her
future self. Twilight’s future self looks to be in bad shape, with a
scar, bandage, eyepatch, and more. Future Twilight tries to give her
past self a warning, but present Twilight is so overexcited by the
prospect of time travel that she doesn’t let her future self finish
the warning before she’s flung back into the future.

At that, Twilight panics and tries to rally everypony to help stop whatever the bad
future event may be. Her friends agree to help, prompting a montage where they’re fixing every conceivable problem (such as patching up the dam). This is when the
episode hits a stumbling block, when a monster suddenly attacks with no warning. The monster is merely a red herring and the threat hardly lasts
before a solution is found, so the whole scene feels rushed and pointless. There were certainly better ways the plot could have made Twilight feel secure, before she realizes that she hadn’t managed to change the future after all. This is also the point where none of her other friends appear besides Pinkie Pie, which is odd since earlier it seemed as though they would all be playing a larger role. I
did find one particular scene involving Fluttershy to be slightly
annoying. In “Putting Your Hoof Down” she learned to not let herself be pushed around, but that wasn’t reflected in this episode. Multiple episodes are worked on at the same time though, so it’s probably a minor oversight with the episode order.

Despite these stumbles, the show does quickly get back on track and build up to a great climax. The ending was great and I hope she remembers the lesson she learned about all her worrying, as that would help with the annoying aspects of her character.

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