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MLP: Friendship is Magic “Hearts and Hooves Day” Recap

by on February 14, 2012

Cutie Mark Crusaders try to help their teacher, Miss Cheerilee, find
true love for Hearts and Hooves day. But when they attempt to give
her and Big Mac a love potion they accidentally give the two a love
poison. And then scramble to break the curse they made.

here is yet another another Cutie Mark Crusaders episode. By now, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle can be considered main
characters. I don’t understand why they got so many episodes in the first place, since the show already had six incredible characters. Still, the three of them are great and well done characters and I have nothing against them. This time they’re in yet another holiday special, as Hearts and Hooves Day is the pony version of Valentine’s Day. It’s much better than the previous episode (“Read It and Weep”) and it felt a lot more reminiscent of its Holiday than the last holiday special.


and Hooves Day” begins with the three Cutie Mark Crusaders making
their teacher the best, and biggest, Hearts and Hooves Day card ever.
At school they present the card to Miss
Cheerilee, who is rather overwhelmed by it. They’re soon shocked to
discover that Cheerilee doesn’t have a very special somepony in her
life, so they set out to find her one. After a musical number, they decide to set her up with Big Mac. But after a romantic picnic fails they resort to trying a love potion, which Twilight Sparke unintentionally gives them. It’s not until it’s too late that the trio realize that it’s actually a love poison that causes its victims to be too distracted by each other to do anything else, ever. Thankfully there’s a cure, so they set out to break the curse.


Unlike the last episode, all the
dialogue here matched the characters perfectly. The show even got the
more subtle actions right, such as Miss Cheerilee being slightly
annoyed by the fillies prying into her personal life but also having the
patience to ignore that with a single roll of the eyes. Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and Sweetie Belle did what they did
out of good intentions and got carried away with it in a very
believable fashion. They basically acted like children, which is
good since that’s what they are. Sweetie Belle was the mastermind behind all the plans they came up with and even led the musical number, which was awesome as they usually are. The lovey dovey words caused by the love poison were appropriately
annoying, and I find the idea of the love poison ingenious. The
biggest disappointment was Big Mac. His limited
vocabulary was as annoying as ever, I hoped for some character growth
but his annoying behavior was passed off as shyness. It was also odd that Twilight Sparkle only got
one appearance even though she seemed rather suspicious of the trio’s motives.

the ending left me incredibly satisfied for a reason that is
definitely a spoiler. I also loved the lesson of how one shouldn’t
interfere in others relationships. I’d certainly recommend this episode to fans of the show, but not beyond that. This episode was much better than last time, but it’s still not the highest quality this show is capable of.

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