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MLP: Friendship is Magic “A Friend in Deed” Recap

by on March 5, 2012

Pie is dismayed when the new guy in town, an old cranky donkey,
refuses her offer of friendship. So she tries everything she can
think of to earn his friendship and see him smile.


Pinkie Pie is a great character with a multifaceted and balanced personality.
She’s crazy to the point of being rather self aware of being a
cartoon and thus has many abilities mirroring that awareness (like defying
physics). She can also be rather annoying, though she almost never behaves so intentionally. Because of this, she is well played enough that she doesn’t annoy the audience. Pinkie is also slightly unstable and has snapped
before. Which is something I actually expected to happen when her friendship is rejected. The fact it didn’t happen did not enhance or detract from the final outcome of this
episode, as the path it does take is great, as is the episode itself. All-in-all Pinkie Pie is a well-rounded and well-played
character, so I was glad for there to be another episode featuring
her. This episode doesn’t disappoint and even includes another awesome musical number.

episode begins with Pinkie Pie doing what she loves most, making
ponies smile. It’s an enjoyable scene which sets the tone for the
episode nicely. The next scene reveals
just how much of a people person Pinkie Pie is (try saying that 5
five times fast) as she greets everyone in town by name. Soon she’s singing an awesome musical number about
how she loves to make ponies smile. The song is a tad longer than
need be, but you just have to love Pinkies mentality. All she wants
is to make others smile. If only everyone shared that same mentality
then the world would be a much better place. Plus who wouldn’t want a
friend like that? After the musical number Pinkie meets a
donkey by the name of Cranky Doodle Donkey. Her initial attempt to
befriend him doesn’t quite work out. So Pinkie decides to try
everything she can and make Cranky smile! Unfortunately her
attempts at earning his friendship come off as annoying and
embarrassing, at first. Then she’s actually able to make some
progress. Until she accidentally destroys a precious book, which is when Cranky vows to never be Pinkie’s friend, never ever,
ever, ever, ever! Of course Pinkie Pie doesn’t leave him alone
after all that. Instead, she tries to apologize which is hilarious
since Cranky is now practically terrified of her. It all leads to
a very highly cartoony chase scene. It’s here that we reach the end of the
episode, which I shall not spoiler.

Friend in Deed” is a very well thought out and written episode. I
love the foreshadowing of events to come, some of which is subtle.
Also there was a nice reference to earlier episodes with Rainbow Dash reading a
Daring Do book and a cameo appearance of the Cake twins. Another
interesting thing was the predominant role of a Donkey, rather than
just ponies. Although it does cause usage of words such as
‘everypony’ to sound sort of biased, which is probably only due to
Equestria being a country ruled by ponies. I like the concept and,
for the most part, the execution of Cranky Doodle Donkey. But I can’t
stand his name. Once again this show has gone far too ridiculous with
one of its characters names. Oh well, at least they mostly refrained from the use of the obvious reference behind his name. Friendship is Magichas a tendency to take things we’ve seen a million times
before and play it in a unique way, making it fresh once again.
The show again attempted this with the cause of Cranky’s
crankiness. Unfortunately, the reason was telegraphed when it should have been played more subtly. It still works. Plus it does add a nice splash of emotion to the episode.

final result is a funny and pleasing episode, which is close to the
best the show has offered thus far. It also has a nice lesson at the
end with Pinkie growing a bit as a person (or pony if you prefer). The pros far outweigh the cons and I fully recommend this
episode. It was quite satisfying to watch. And I still have Pinkie’s
latest song stuck in my head, which I’m not complaining about. I
hope “A Friend in Deed” fills you with a smile as well.

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