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MLP: Friendship is Magic “A Canterlot Wedding Part 1” Recap

by on May 25, 2012

brother is getting married so she and her best friends get to help
with the wedding preparations.

has a big brother! His name is Shining Armor, he’s captain of the
royal guard, and he’s marrying princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Although
surprised I’m glad to know she has a brother and also happy that she shares such a
positive relationship with him. However, I do raise an eyebrow
of doubt at the prospect that they never had a single fight. I love how much of Twilight’s past was explored in this episode. And I’m impressed at the number of successfully integrated characters
this episode was able to handle. While the characters kept things
interesting as expected, the actual story line wasn’t quite as
impressive. The story’s not bad. It just feels very similar to things
I’ve seen before. With such a unique premise the storyline could’ve
been much more original.

episode begins peacefully with the six main ponies enjoying a picnic
together. It’s interrupted by Spike who has an important message from
Princess Celestia. The message outlines the duties Princess Celestia
wants each of the main ponies to perform for the upcoming wedding in Canterlot. Twilight’s confused about whose wedding it is ’til Spike
gives her the other message. It’s the wedding
invitation. Soon Twilight’s shocked to learn that the groom is her
brother. One might think Twilight would be overjoyed her brother’s
getting married, but the oppisite proves true. She’s pissed to learn
about the wedding from an invitation rather than from her brother
himself. Twilight explains just how close she is to her brother in song form. Basically they are the closest of friends and
the only friend she had growing up. After the song it’s revealed that
her brother, Shining Armor, is captain of the royal guard, which only
serves to increase the other ponies excitement about the wedding. On
the train ride to Canterlot the ponies continue to feel excitement
over the upcoming wedding, while Twilight continues feeling annoyed at her brother. More than annoyed she’s also worried about them
drifting apart since she hasn’t seen him in awhile and now he’s getting married. Upon entering
Canterlot they quickly notice the increased security, starting with
the giant force field over the whole city, which they assume is just
due to the wedding. First thing Twilight does upon arrival is find
her brother and ask why he didn’t tell her in person about getting
married. Shining Armor quickly explains that he can’t leave the city
as the extra security is due to a threat made against Canterlot. And
he’s the only one capable of making and sustaining the force field
which helps keep the city safe. Twilight forgives her brother and is
soon overjoyed when he offers her the position of best mare at the
wedding. She’s even happier still when she realizes the bride,
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, is actually the full name of her foal sitter from
years ago. A.K.A. the greatest foal sitter in the history of foal
sitters. A nice flash back shows just how great of a foal sitter she
was. Now Twilight couldn’t be happier. But the happiness begins to
fade once she actually sees Princess Cadenza. The bride is no where
near as wonderful as Twilight remembers… in fact she’s rather a
jerk. Twilight tries talking about it to her friends, but they pass
it off as merely stress due to the wedding. Twilight remains
unconvinced, saying that maybe their shouldn’t even be a wedding, and
then storms off. Ever overprotective Twilight decides to tell her
brother how she feels, but before getting the chance she ends up
witnessing something which could either be a sinister sign or merely
a misunderstanding. Either way it causes Twilight to suspect the
bride of being evil. So she decides to tell everyone, including her
brother, how she feels during the wedding rehearsal. Thus leading to the
climax where Twilight, for better or worst, mercilessy flings
multiple accusations at Princess Cadenza.

solid episode. Nice attention to detail, awesome new song, and it was
nice seeing Nightmare Moon again albeit briefly. Both Princess Mi
Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor are great new characters. And really
the best part of this episode is the relationship between Twilight
Sparkle and her brother Shining Armor. Including the song about the two of them Twilight sings near the beginning. It really touched my heart and
Twilight’s emotions over her brothers wedding are perfectly
understandable. This episode made me think of my own sister and marks
the second time this show has made me question my own relationship with my
sister and also motivated me to improve upon that relationship. While the
characters were the strongest element of this episode, the weakest
was the conspiracy build up near the ending. Where I wondered whether
Princess Cadenza was evil or just stressed. The expected plot twist
at the end answered the question too earlier and I think playing with
the mystery and Twilight being shunned by everyone, especially her
brother, would’ve been more interesting, original, and emotional.
Still a solid episode with an ending that can best be called a set up
for part 2. Thus the ending is completely forgivable depending on how
part 2 plays out. Although a great episode which leaves me excited for
the next part, I can’t recommend it without having
seen part 2 yet.

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