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"Midori Days": Come and Knock On Their Door…

by on March 30, 2005

“Mad Dog” Seiji is the toughest fighter in the school. With his “Demon Right Hand,” he’ll send his enemies to a hell of pain. Though he may be far from the sharpest tool in the shed, he makes up for it with pure street skill. Naturally, girls go for the bad boys. Midori used to watch him from afar, but has never had the courage to admit her crush on him. Seiji may have joked that he’d die with his right hand as his only love, but he didn’t expect this prophecy to come true in such a, well, literal fashion. One night, Midori’s body goes into a coma. When Seiji wakes up, he finds out that there’s a girl in his bed. Attached to his arm, where his right hand should be. Midori’s now Seiji’s right-hand gal, and in the vein of the classic Three’s Company, they have to keep the awkward living situation a secret while trying to figure out how it all happened.

Midori Days (Midori No Hibi in Japanese) was one of those series that spread via word of mouth. Everyone who saw the scanlations instantly loved the quirky comic and couldn’t wait for it to come out in America. But even before the manga hits in a month or two, Media Blasters has thrown the first five episodes of the anime on a disc, along with a box to contain the entire DVD series. And a t-shirt.

The series starts off innocently enough. Seiji, the hero of the series, comes off as a poor man’s Yusuke Urameshi, without the death and demon blood and all that nasty stuff going on. Unlike the Spirit Detective, Seiji actively wants a girlfriend, but his “bad boy” persona tends to scare any and all girls away from him. So he dozes off, realizing that he’s going to die with his right hand as his only girlfriend.

The next morning, Seiji wakes up to find that there’s a green haired naked girl where his right hand was. The size of a puppet, it turns out that she’s Midori, a rather wealthy girl with a crush on Seiji. Too scared to ever admit her love for the “Mad Dog,” she can’t really hide her feelings now that she’s physically part of him. After some quick investigating, Seiji and Midori find out that Midori’s regular body is comatose at her house, and neither know how this happened. Until the answer falls into their lap, Seiji’s going to have to keep Midori a secret from the world, while Midori tries to bring Seiji out of his shell and into her love life.

Who said you couldn’t love your right hand?

There really is no better way to describe this other than a modern day, anime version of Three’s Company. There’s a lot of physical comedy derived from Midori’s ability to drag Seiji around by just moving (don’t try to think too hard about the anatomy-related questions). Likewise, there’s the unique ways of hiding something. Jack Tripper tried to hide the fact that he was living with the two gals while being straight, Seiji has to hide the fact that his right hand has breasts. The entire show just gives off this Three’s Company vibe.

And I love Three’s Company, so take that as a compliment.

Since this show’s of very recent vintage (2004) the animation is sufficiently crisp. Nothing exemplary, but nothing sticks out like a sore thumb. The dub works, the sub works, technically and aesthetically, there’s nothing wrong with the disc. Extras include the textless opening and closing, a promo reel, some hilarious but short outtakes, and an interesting “Original Audio Drama Day.” I would guess this was a Japanese audio play released on CD or something—a nice little side story, but nothing substantial. Trailers are, well, trailers.

Media Blasters has released it in two versions, with and without a box. The box to hold all three volumes contains an XL t-shirt. I don’t exactly know how to review a t-shirt two sizes too big, but hey, if you like XL t-shirts, go for it.

The disc contains five episodes of the spiritual successor to Three’s Company. So if you couldn’t stand that old show, don’t watch this. But if you’re like me and love the adventures of Jack, Janet, and the bimbo, go grab Midori Days for some real fun.

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