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Media Blasters Announces New November Titles Including "Moribito"

by on August 28, 2008
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Moribito, which is currently airing on Adult Swim, will see its DVD debut on 11/4/08. Its first two volumes will be released for $24.98 each, and there’s also the option to buy a two-pack of the first two volumes with ($44.99) or without ($37.99) an art box.

A few complete collections have been announced by Media Blasters for November:
* Beast King GoLion Vol. 3: 11/25/08 – $34.99
* Kujibiki Unbalance Premium Box Set: 11/11/08 – $59.99
* Phoenix Collection: 11/25/08 – $29.99
* Ramen Fighter Miki Collection: 11/18/08 – $29.99

In addition, Strawberry Panic concludes with its fifth volume on 11/11/08, costing $22.99 and running 125 minutes.

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