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Marvel Unveils New Fem-Thor

by on July 15, 2014

Marvel is all about the ladies – or at least they very much want the dollars of that long-neglected demographic in the blockbuster superhero movie department – and so, without further ado, they have unveiled their newest female superheroine – a female version of Thor yet still referred to as Thor rather than She-Thor or Thorita [both of which would but much more lively]. So this new version of Thor is being billed by Marvel as a female replacement of the current male Thor – well, until the writers pull out the alternate, future universe card, no doubt. The change, for now, is only for Marvel’s comic books and not for the feature films where manly man Chris Hemsworth has wielded the movie hammer of Thor.

The female version of Thor will make her debut in a Marvel comic book in October 2014.

Source: E! Online

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